Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Barangaroo

Here is a good illustration of what I was on about re Barangaroo. Sydney - City and Suburbs published these photos today from Walsh Bay. It is a rather nice looking apartment which pays service to its historic site. I would like to live there, if I could afford it. I like to be near the sea. Beaches don't really interest me, but the sea does.

But click on the link below and you will see the property's location, that triangular area in the centre. The expanse of concrete to your left is the northern end of Barangaroo, where there will be enormous towers. Drag the map and you can see how close it is to Observatory Park and The Rocks.



  1. I thought the large towers were going to be closer to the existing large towers which are congregated on the southern extremity of Barangaroo. For example if you look at The Rocks you can see the 'Mundy line' where high-rise development was stopped during the '70s. The development on the other side of the Rocks is to be similar to the eastern side. The concrete flange of the overseas cargo terminal which currently exists, at it most northern extremity, will be turned back into parkland with grass and rocks all put back into position. There will be shops and parking spots and cultural centres and stuff UNDERNEATH this parkland though ... which will be a bit wierd. Have you seen any of Ballast Point which has been 'resurrected'?

  2. Shh Julie. I am here to engender outrage from the safety of Melbourne, not spoil it with facts. If I can get anyone to say, I've heard about Barangaroo, and it doesn't sound good, then I am happy. I think the towers will have an bad impact on the whole area and I am shocked that they can appropriate a public waterway for a tower. What a terrible precedent. There are some nice aspects to our Docklands, but overall, it does not work. I fear the same for Barangaroo, never mind the duplicity, secrecy and abuse of process. I don't know about Ballast Point. I am off to do some research. I rather liked what I could see on the net of the Walsh Bay area.

  3. And thank someone for Jack Mundy. How different Sydney would be now if not for him.