Sunday, August 22, 2010


I liked Maxine McKew as a television presenter. I loved her when she was not only a member of the Labor Party that defeated John Howard's Liberal government in 2007, she actually caused Prime Minister John Howard to lose his seat. I still get waves of nice feelings when the result became clear.

She has now lost Bennelong to a former sports person. Just goes to show how hated Howard became. It was not people voting for Labor or Liberal. It was people voting against John Howard.

I am not sure what to make of her dummy spit last night. After it was clear that she had lost her seat but before she spoke, I assured R that the party will find her a safe seat for next time, but I doubt it now. What she said was possibly correct, but I don't think it was the time to say it. Isn't this sort of frank chat best saved for inside the party?

Maxine is clearly a very capable person but I suspect once she was elected, she was told to sit down and shut up. Her light was not allowed to shine, hence her convincing defeat. Her partner/husband is from the very left of the Labor party so I would guess her own politics are similar. Maybe she was dangerous to the Labor Party that seems to have forgotten what it is, that is the political arm of the union movement.

Well done to Adam Bandt, being the first ever Green member elected to the Reps. The Greens doubled their 2007 vote. Extraordinary and well done them. It amuses me that no matter what negotiations go on in the Reps, including with Bandt, to get legislation through, the Greens can stop it in the Senate as they now hold the balance of power.

Family First Senator Fielding has been given the flick. I don't like passionately religious people saying yah or nay on matters that affect me. They never see the trees for the wood.

Sister now lives in the electorate of Corangamite. She had seen virtually no advertising for sitting Labor member Cheeseman, but had been flooded with Liberal contender Henderson advertising. The seat is still in doubt. Unless there is a redistribution, I would call it as a future Labor seat owing to changing demographics. I did not know Sister was a Greens paid up member. She handed out how to votes for the Greens and has done so before.

Lordy, Mother voted. ABI brother took her to the polling booth. Doesn't she know she doesn't have to vote at her age? She told ABI brother exactly where to find an easy parking space, and then no doubt voted Liberal.

I shan't make any double entendre remark about a hung parliament, no matter how much I want to. Suffice to say I don't mind a hung parliament. Negotiations are good. Work Choices was a result of a government not having to negotiate, and look what happened to that government!


  1. 10% of Corangamite voted #1 Greens
    and their preferences have tipped the seat to Cheeseman, despite his 30,000 votes to Hendersons 34,000
    Her pedigree is Geelong, and her mother Anne was a MP and Minister.
    Cheeseman's pedigree is Ballarat.
    All the SeaChangers at Torquay have warped the character of the electorate away from it's Western area which is all farms.
    Corangamite & Cheeseman sandwich is the current joke.

  2. I like the above comment.

    Re Maxine. She was an incisive interviewer but a lousy parliamentarian. She lost because she only won because of Rudd and his mandarin. That tennis person will lose next time, too. They only need an asian person to stand ...

    McKew's DS was mild ...

  3. Ms, I remember her mother in state government. Her father was a mayor I think. It has changed from being a comfortable Western District farmer seat to being a marginal. But how the tree changers at Torquay vote? I don't know.

    Ok Julie. That is interesting. I assumed a dominance of Anglo Saxon north shore voters. I was surprised at how much your Mal increased his vote.

  4. I dont know the stats but Bennelong has many Chinese and Korean residents. Many=lots. And there was a bit kerfuffle about communication towers. Insular - perhaps. Family oriented, middle-class aspirationals.

    Mal was seen as 'ethical' - all things are relative. He is also intelligent and runs rings around both Hockey and Robb. And I must acknowledge that I voted for him #1. We need people of his type in parliament, although he was a bit smug on Q&A last night. I wrote on top of my green slip that I voted for MT not for the Libs. Made me feel better ...

  5. I don't mind Mal at all, especially as he is not only pro public transport, but actually uses it.

  6. Yes, I like his approach to PT too. When he addressed the Population forum at the very beginning of the campaign, he got out to western Sydney by train. Whereas
    Abbott reckons that PT doesn't get you where you want to go, and the only way to travel is by car.

  7. Julie, Abbott's words suggest he could do something about fixing it so that it does go to where you want to go.