Monday, August 16, 2010

Kiddie PM

If Ms Gillard is endorsed as our Prime Minister at Saturday's election, will she be our youngest ever PM? So far as I can tell in my lifetime, she will be. And, I don't like to confess this, but she will be the first PM younger than I am. Never mind coppers looking like kiddies.

My girl readers, you can vote for her because she is woman. (yeah, right, as if you would) But only once mind. She'd better perform and put male PMs who have preceded her to shame. A lot to ask, but I suspect she is capable of doing so.


  1. I hope she can knock off the need for the realpolitik of pandering to bogans somewhere in her first term. That should be an achievable objective.

  2. My home electorate is Flinders but I voted last week at Colac.
    All the how-to-vote card volunteers were Akubra'd and Drizabone'd and standing in the rain.
    I have been a h-t-v-c volunteer and also a vote counter in years past.
    Both experiences are must-haves, I've got to say. Also, Party parties after winning an unwinnable electorate are pretty damn good too. One earns an invite, by letterboxing on heatwave days, or standing in the rain at the Polling Booth (no closer than 24' from the entrance - there are Rules).
    This election is the first with extra-added Twitter, and I will settle in to ABCTV with the laptop and some Tanglewood Vine fruity white, and have a big old time.

    Right now, somewhere, a Liberal committee member is shopping for Mrs. Abbott's Outfit - bet it is sapphire blue.

  3. Anonymous8:05 am

    Go The Australian Sex Party.......

  4. She may well Lad. We know where the deciding electorates are though.

    Ann, I wonder if scrutineers will be allowed to Twitter. Now that would be fun.

    I hope they do well Anon. Less hypocrisy about sex would improve Australia.

  5. Ummm, I don't know your exact age Andrew but something in my memory bank puts you around Kevin Rudd's age. He was born 21 September 1957 and is now 52. My apologies if you are younger than him.

    Rudd is well younger than I am and the first Australian PM to be so in relation to me. Tony Abbott is even younger than Rudd (by two months) so either way I will have my second younger PM. I'm afraid that will be the way for my future.

  6. Victor, you are so so wrong about my age, by a month. There is no looking back for either of us now.

  7. Quite right, Andrew. Moving forward is the go....