Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Great Traffic Wall of China

The 100 kilometre traffic jam in China has amused me no end, and some others it seems. It is mainly trucks of course. The jam is slowly clearing with speeds now up to 3.2 km/h...ah, sorry, no, that is 3.2 kilometres per day.

With some nice lateral thinking, China is investigating putting rails on either side of the freeway and having a bus travel on stilts down onto the rails over the top of traffic. While China is doing some wonderful things with high speed passenger trains, perhaps they better look at high speed freight lines. All those trucks sitting for day after day costs.

I wanna see photos of this massive traffic jam. Google showed me a few general photos of bad Chinese traffic jams.

I liked the quote from one female driver who said, if you see a food cart coming along the line of traffic, you know you are in for a long long wait. She may well have added if you see a Portaloo coming.

This is the freeway traffic jam. Why doesn't the truck at the very front just move on and everyone else follow? Hmmm, I just started thinking about all those trapped truck drivers, so frustrated and bored. Hmmm indeed. You'd just have to spit after the first few. I've heard it can be ever so fattening.

We all know how freeways solve traffic problems, as do roundabouts.

Darls, just popping down to the shops for some fags. Back in five.

Please my friend, you go first. No no, you first please, thanks. Charmed, I'm sure. (I really should give credit to this one. Damn, can't find it now)


  1. OMG ... and Western Sydney feels hard done by!

  2. Gosh those are some crazy traffic jams. I heard of some guy saying he was prepared - he had some water with him. All I thought was yeah but what about pillows a doona and a toilet!!

  3. *snort*
    Legs were a good invention of evolution...

  4. Julie, seems western Sydney might even have worse traffic than to be found in Melbourne.

    Fen, you need a household full of goodies by the sound of it.

    Jayne, in this case, walking would easily be faster.


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