Monday, August 23, 2010

A different slant on Barangaroo

The developers must have heard that there was some unhappiness with what is proposed at Sydney's Hungry Mile, aka Barangaroo. Ah, they thought, we will appease this unhappiness by making the buildings even taller and they have. Here is the latest artist's impression taken from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Note one side of the water is low rise and this side will be highrise. Barangaroo almost looks to be an extension of the city with high rise buildings dominating. Matters not too much perhaps.

But, in between Barangaroo and Sydney city are people, real people living in their houses and going about their daily lives. There are businesses and local shops for local people, post office, pubs, churches, splendid views from Observatory Park. The samll area is known as Millers Point and it will be hemmed in on all sides by high rise.

Melbourne's Docklands must be over ten years old now and I think it is a fair call to say it is a planning disaster. Many people will call it as such. But look at the property prices there, I hear you cry. Ah, the tricks developers and agents get up to to maintain the prices.

Is Sydney about to make the same mistake? At least Melbourne's Docklands doesn't have much impact on the surrounding areas. Barangaroo certainly will.

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  1. That's way too much development for Barangaroo.

  2. Hideous *shudder*.
    I may have to run back to Dunolly to sooth my eyes.

  3. It rather constrasts with the apartments and area at Walsh Bay you posted photos of this morning, very close by Barangaroo.

    Someone will make a lot of money Jayne.

  4. Anonymous9:04 am

    I think they are making them tall enough so the penthouses will have views of Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Hense will be able to sell them for $30 mill each.

  5. Ok. Makes sense. Of course should I be offered one to live in, my attitude would completely change.

  6. Michael1:56 pm

    Come on, Sydney needs something new. It's 2012. Let's do this, it's still virtually in the CBD. Make it big and make it good! Once the land's built on, it's gone. Don't waste it. If it's grand, it's worth seeing. If it's just low rise, it's not so interesting.

  7. Michael, I appreciate the redevelopment of the area, even if only the rich can afford to stay or live there. Extending out into the publicly owned water for private profit is just wrong.