Friday, August 27, 2010

At last

It really gets up my goat's nose when annual awards are given out to people for just doing their job. You know, all those public servants who get paid very nicely and then are awarded with a a couple of initials after their name. Captains of Industry, who have made squillions and get a gong for hosting occasional charity dinners, and thereby increase their profile. We in Australia have a proud history of it and it goes back to Britain where it is also still practised.

It used to be the same for Victoria's father of the year award. It was always someone famous who seemed to be an impossibly high achieving and busy celebrity of sorts and was yet was the perfect father!!!

So good on you Chris Berry. I have never heard of you and doubt I will gain, but you sound to be a deserving recipient of the award.


  1. I've become a cynic when it comes to such things.... For a recent national science award, a nominated colleague actually asked everyone on a society mailing list to vote for so she could win most popular scientist. It really changed my opinion of her as a person.

  2. Thanks to recent Super Dad Dean Jones, I feel the next few years of "Father of the Year" will go to low-profile dads (ie. who possibly won't implode so publicly).

  3. There are thousands of
    Fathers Of The Year.
    The guys who stay married, earn the food for their own children, and work at jobs that don't make the money that headline nitwits make.
    It's a shocking example to the developing minds of children, that crims and fools get rich and famous without doing a damn thing for any other people in their world.
    I'd love to make here, my list of adulterous or unmarried parents with 40 famous ex boyfriends who do not deserve to be flaunting their wealth from the stages of the MSMedia.

  4. AR, that is really tacky. There are subtle ways to get a message across.

    Me, I had to google him. Yes, I remember now.

    Jayne, you'll never make father of the year with that attitude.

    Ann, while I don't really know what sort of dad he is, but gee, doesn't your heart go out to the parents of the kids featured on the front of today's Hun.

  5. Anonymous6:15 am

    Andrew, I'm often puzzled how just by being an actor merits so many awards, particularly in The Queens Birthday and New Year Honours list.
    And yet the genuine potential winners are completely overlooked.

    Oh you should have a little look at Mickey's Model Railway Blog sometime. It's on my blog links.


  6. David, I suppose they fall into the 'long and distinguished career' category, which would be the same as Sir Humphrey Appleby. Logical thought rules actors out too, unless they raise billions for Biafrans.

  7. And David, meant to say I will look at the model railway link. I clicked on your Routemaster link today.