Monday, August 23, 2010


It is all about perception. The killer is in the last line, not the first to share you views on the matter.

I am a St Kilda Road resident of eight years and I have read every issue of 3004 since its inception from cover to cover and I appreciate receiving each issue. However, I was very disappointed to see that 3004 (the org or just the mag?) has nailed its political colours to the mast by including a flyer promoting Liberal Party political aspirant Clem Newton Brown. It was a waste of paper anyway as we are St Kilda Road Albert Park District residents.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your feedback and I do take on board your comments. Thank you.

I do not believe Melbourne Media has nailed any political colours in principal as this was a paid flyer by Clem Newton Brown that we have for over 10 years provided equal opportunity to all government, council, political, religious, corporate/small businesses and not-for-profit organisations to be part of.

We do make note on page 3 above the front cover image that “The opinions in this publication do not necessarily represent the views of The Editor or The Publisher © Melbourne Media Pty Ltd

For this particular issue of 3004 News, only Clem Newton Brown took the opportunity for the paid space (of an inserted flyer) but invitations were extended to all the above mentioned as per our rate card. We also have to take into consideration, both sides of St Kilda Rd and for that very reason we extended the invitation to all political parties with the upcoming elections.

I am happy to hear that for years you have read our publication from cover to cover and trust you will continue to do so. To produce our free quarterly publication to all St Kilda Rd residents and businesses, we rely on advertisers to produce and distribute.

I wish to thank you for you time in sending me your email with your concerns and trust you will do so in the future.

I will also forward your email to our Publisher as you are not the first to share your views on this very matter.

Many thanks again Andrew

Yours truly,


  1. Oh, dear. Not the first to share your views?!
    Next thing you know they'll be calling an election for us to really share our views :P

  2. The group 3004 are nearly all business people, so I know which direction their votes would mostly go.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    I recall you were the recipient of an unwanted campaign shoppling bag in the 2006 election!

    Unfortunately the 3004 mag distribution does both sides of the street so there will be many people such as you who are not in the Prahran electorate. However, I am interested in feedback from the general area so you are most welcome to atend the listening post whihc I advertised in the magazine.

    I can confirm that I contacted 3004 about advertising and I paid their usual fee. I thought it a good way to get my flier to the security apartments I cannot letterbox. I do not have the resources of my opponent who is spending a lot of money on direct mail.

    I hope to see you at my listening post or alternatively at Prahran Market where I can provide you with an updated campaign shopping bag!
    best wishes,

  4. Thanks for your comment and explanation Clem. I had so forgotten about the shopping bag. I had to find out the election date and and check for to the approximate dates to find the post. If I still have the 2006 bag, it will be in virgin condition.


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