Friday, July 02, 2010


Fifteen years ago all I would have taken my electric razor when I was on holidays and a camera with spare roll or two of film. Technology has not necessarily made life easier. The 'wires' are all hand luggage now. I can afford to lose clothes and toiletries in missing checked in baggage, but not the 'wires'.

1 electric razor, in its case with a protective blade cover
1 old electric toothbrush with removable batteries, batteries removed as the button can be accidentally depressed.
1 camera, plus charger, plus pc transfer lead
1 memory stick, photo back up
2 mobile phones, plus 1 charger, plus 2 charge/pc transfer leads
2 mp3 players, plus two charge/pc transfer leads, plus 2 ear bud sets
1 laptop, plus cord mouse, plus mouse pad, plus charger, plus lan cable (not needed, glad I bought the el cheapo cable)
1 adaptor plug, modified for three pin lap top charger


  1. Mucho sympatico from me.
    I move constantly and lugging the lead to recharge the phone, the laptop lead, the camera lead, plus camera, phone, laptop, hairdryer, I have a 10-kilo bag before I add a single other thing. Good that the wallet is so light though.

  2. I seemed to need a small case full of wires for a simple weekend in Queensland. What are we coming to?

  3. You took an electric toothbrush!!!
    How unbelievably decadent.

  4. Worse for a woman I guess Ann. I did not have to cart my hot rollers.

    Its technology making our lives easier Victor.

    For that smoothness that only a dentist used to be able to supply Jahteh.

  5. You're so right about not caring if you lose your clothes, but cables are a different matter. In fact, when I travel I sometimes leave clothes behind if I don't need them anymore or can't fit them in. That said, electric razor and toothbrush? :) Hello?

  6. Omg am visiting Oz in August, have just got a case of the willies!

  7. James, I added the two you mention because they were electric. They both went in the checked luggage. They are not essential at all.

    Why so Ian?

  8. So many things to organize like cables and such, life out at Blacky South with my parents will be quite primitive

  9. I'm like that even going to Sydney or Melbourne - and I carry all that in my on flight luggage as well

  10. Ian, I do believe that the net does extend to Blackburn. You just have to stand on the roof to connect.

    Seems we all are MC.

  11. Bring on wireless charging, that would solve so much as this.

    On occasion I have managed to sneak a peek at the screen on the x ray machine at the security checkpoint and all I ever see in my bag and others is a jumble of wires. I don't know how they know what to look for.

  12. Ben, you should patent that idea....oops, too late. Security has to recognise bomb wires from others, hard call I should think.

  13. Blackburn is as wire up and plugged in as anywhere in the world I bet, though the good folk I'll be staying with haven't as yet caught on.

  14. Blackburn is now such a posh area. I am sure connections will be good.