Thursday, July 29, 2010

So so reliable Reliant

When we were in England, we saw a couple of these cars running around. They are called Reliant Robin. They superseded an earlier Reliant model. As a three wheeler, they are registered as motor bikes. I would not care what the saving was, hell would freeze over before I drove one. I think this clip is from the tv program Top Gear.


  1. Damn it, that Clarkson fella gets to have all the fun.

    To comply with motor-cycle reg requirements these were fairly flimsy and craptacular - still safer than a bike though.

    Of course if one were to be created today, using modern tech such as Electronic Stability Control and Roll Mitigation of some description, it'd probably be okay.

    Doesn't stop it from looking like a weirdburger piece of arse though, does it?

  2. I remember seeing grey versions of these toy looking vehicles parked on the corners of English football grounds in the 1970s. I had the impression that spectators with disabilities were seated inside them watching the games.

    The new super dooper, safer stadiums no longer appear to have these oddities lining the edges of their football pitches.

  3. Mutant, I think even ESC and Roll Mitigation would struggle to keep them firmly on the ground.

    Victor, why would you think that? I suppose it was the same for League as it was for AFL in that at suburban and country matches cars would park right around the perimeter of the the ground and horns would be beeped to celebrate a goal............or try?

  4. That's true about Aussie suburban and country grounds but when I was in England the cars inside the ground were all the same colour and type and they were parked in the corners between the spectator fence and the pitch. I feel it was a special arrangement of some type.

  5. Jon Faine was talking about this particular effort yesterday, saying how much he loved it ;)
    Personally I'd rather have my dog fly me to the moon than sit in one of them :P

  6. I guess so Victor. Maybe they were for hire?

    He inspired the post Jayne, in so far as I checked out You Tube to see it. Stick with your broom hey.

  7. This is so funny who would make a car like that - no way it wouldn't tip over - I doubt you could even move around much inside of it.

  8. MC, I am not game to see if they are still made. Surely not.