Sunday, July 25, 2010


My distant relative in New Zealand took on a motor car. I suppose we conclude that she lost, as she unfortunately has a broken arm. I am sure we wish Kiwi Nomad a quick recovery. Take a look at her ever so bright plaster in her latest post. It is a hazy memory, but I tripped over our dog when I was three and ended up in plaster. 'Take it off Pop', I implored my grandfather. He would have walked to the end of the earth for his grandchildren, but he could not take the plaster off my leg.

I was reminded of Pop tonight. 'Pop, can't we watch something else? Politics/news is boring!'

While I rarely write directly about politics, so many do and do it far better than I could, I have been devouring the election news in The Age hardcopy. I couldn't be bothered reading it all online, but it is so much more digestible when you can hold and fold. Clearly I have moved on from finding politics and news boring.

I had no intention of watching tonight's broadcast so called debate between our Prime Minister and the leader of the Her Maj's Opposition, but R made me. We chose the Channel 7 version to watch. It had an interesting meter propelled by views of the audience. It showed three lines of opinion on the debate as it progressed, boys blue, girls red and white the average. It was the most interesting thing about the debate, the remarkable being that women really like Prime Minister Julia Gillard and men really like Opposition leader Anthony Abbott.

Should that be surprising? I find it somewhat so.

Woman can be very critical of other women, far more so than men are of each other. From what Anthony Abbott sprouts from his mouth, I am not surprised that women have good reason to not like him, yet I thought his public display of his body, his fitness, his knockabout blokey manner, his commitment to family (Julia only has a toyboy and is barren!) and his somewhat self deprecating manner would endear him to women. Seems not.

I have for a long time thought the world might be a better place if it was run by women. Unfortunately most past examples have been bad choices.

So, if women like Julia for PM, I'll go with them. I hope once she is really in charge, that we will see some magical advances in Australia. Hey, Julia, what about a really fast train from Melbourne to Sydney, and even a faster one to get back again?


  1. LMAO @ barren! Such an old fashioned word. Is she just childless or she cannot have children?

  2. Yes..... I did lose..... and the other night I just wanted to put the POP on the shelf for the night...but it never came with a zip....

  3. No idea about our PM's fertility Fen. I just quoted a politician who said she was not fit for public office because she was barren.

    Just so frustrating KN and no time out.

  4. Anonymous8:43 am

    '(Julia only has a toyboy and is barren!)'

    Isn't her partner not a toyboy but rather a handbag (Hairdresser,and not a good one at that going by Julia's do's, say no more).

  5. Such a better description Anon. Wish I had thought of it at the time. Her hair is big improvement on what it used to be though.