Saturday, July 03, 2010

Japan Day 2. 21/06 Pt 2

This lane became very 'interesting' at night.

There were about four of these streets leading quite a distance. Food, clothing, restaurants, you name it. It was like daylight at night with the lighting on. Yes, lots of neon too.

Ueno Station.

A muriel at Ueno Station.

Lovely glass work.

Clear as mud to me. Underneath this ground level station was also the rail subway system, not shown on this map.

Cute swan pedal boats on the lake in Ueno Park.

I never expected hydrangeas to be growing in humidity, and doing very well.

Greedy fish, with a tortoise/turtle to pick up the crumbs.

He had to go out for a bit, so bundled up his possessions.

You will be relieved to know I realised the very first day that I would have to stop taking photos of maples.


  1. I would have just kept taking photos of maples anyhow..... it's not like you can't delete them these days! I have multiple-too many photos of some things on my computer. One day I must do a clean out!

  2. Huge variety of them and most had fantastic shapes.