Saturday, June 19, 2010


I would guess the suburb of Windsor is older than Prahran or South Yarra, three closely associated areas. It had a train before the other two suburbs, which if you know the area seems odd. The train went to St Kilda, then reversed through the edge of Albert Park, crossed St Kilda Road on a bridge near Union Street, and ran in an arc to Windsor Railway Station and then on to Brighton. You can still see some of where the train ran by the small parks through parts of Windsor. I recall one of them is now a skate park.

So, yes, Windsor is very old. I never knew where the old Windsor Post Office was until I walked past it a few days ago.

I was on the way to Windsor when the tram system failed and I had to change trams and then walk. (the 5 tram turned down High Street and the 64 down Carlisle St) I can't blame the tram system though as someone being targeted by Darwin's law had ridden in front of a moving tram with his mp3 played plugged into his ears. Darwin's survival of the fittest almost came to fruition.

But the bonus from my walk, a photo of the pink pigs atop the Windsor Castle. They have have been atop the pub for a long time, but now they are illuminated at night and can easily be seen as you drive along Queens Way.

I walked to Chapel Street along a different street to the one I intended to and came across what was the Windsor Post Office I am surprised it is so intact. Why wasn't I told!

Now apartments but previously the site of the Empire Theatre, Hoyts Windsor movie theatre , Hoyts head office, a video library, then the Empire night club where the tv show Live and Sweaty was recorded and oddly when it was no longer of use, it burnt down.

The Windsor train station is a fine building and back when it was staffed, it had very nice flower beds, growing annuals among other plantings. It has undergone a good restoration with much of the brickwork being repointed.

One day this garish and rotting shop is going to topple backwards down on the railway line below.

While waiting for the approaching tram, how could I resist this charming two storey shop.


  1. Hahahhahahahaa I just love those pink elephants!!!!!

  2. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Thank you Andrew - I remember when The Empire was a video store. There was also a great second hand shop called Fat Helen's and the absolute best Indian restaurant in town. I lived in Windsor when I first moved out of home, it was so groovy for a boy from Mulgrave.

  3. how criminal that the lovely Empire burns down and that junkpile of a shop endures.
    I like Windsor and was born there in Lewisham Road.
    The old Telegraph Office, the station, and that big double shop facade are all gorgeous. They don't build them like that anymore, sadly.

  4. They do make a statement KN.

    Fat Helen is still around Scott. The shop may have moved. She is the chief organiser by the annual art competition, The Itchyballs. Try The Museum of Really Bad Art.

    Very posh street now Ann. They don't indeed. As I lamented to Therese, I try to like modern architecture, but I struggle.

  5. Oh, yes, I remember the video store as a friend worked there!
    Love that telegraph/post office, how wonderful. When shall we decree that all public buildings be forthwith built in such a decorous style?

  6. is the post office being used or do they need me to do a Grand Designs makeover of it?

  7. I've caught the train from Windsor station so many times (usually with some weird purchase from Tarlo and Graham in tow) but not once had I noticed the architecture of the station itself. Beautiful.

  8. How odd that you of all people not know where the old PO was, how even stranger that years ago one of my work sites was in the same street, meaning I'd parked out front of the old Post Office many a time. As years progressed and after I's stopped working for PMG I had a gentleman admirer who lived in the same street so I spent many a day in that little nook of Windsor, and I do quite enjoy it still.

  9. Anonymous4:57 am

    Great photos. I feel like I've been on a tour.

  10. I would love to live in that shop! Or that post office... or an old church in the country :)

  11. Anonymous8:43 pm

    I was compelled to reply re the Windsor PO. I suspect the building next to it was , at one time, the local telephone exchange. Got that Gov. Dept look to it.
    Style - Victorian Gothis rings a bell, at least the latter ones.

  12. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Had to reply - the Windsor PO - probably was the Telephone Exchange next door to it, similar solid "Gov.Dept" look...(and dont forget the BIG diesel generator for backup power...)

  13. Before it became the suburb of Windsor, was it originally the suburb of Saxe Coburg?

  14. Pink Pigs!!!1 They are elephants aren't they??? HMMM


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