Friday, June 18, 2010

Visiting Mother

Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo stayed as usual on Wednesday night. Little Jo missed her daytime sleep and arrived almost fast asleep and barely woke up. Sister put her to bed and she slept soundly till 2am, and then slept again by 3am. R missed his play time with Little Jo and feeding her his spagly, spag bol, never mind giving her a bath. When he arose at six, she was sound asleep again.

Little Jo and I composed an sms to R at work. Sorry I missed you R. I was very sleepy.

Little Jo was well pissed orf that she had missed spagly and wanted it for breakfast. I told after she had eaten cereal and toast, she could have some. Of course she forgot about it.

The night Sister and Bone Doctor were driving up was forecast to be very windy, so they drove up in the truck, BD's 4wd machine.

All her grandchildren call Mother, Nanny Fud, and I went with Sister to visit Nanny Fud. On the way we stopped off for coffee at a friend of Mother's for coffee and she showed us around her rather nice house, based on a Doveton housing commission house. He husband was supervising a concrete pour of his carport. Little Jo enjoyed watching the concrete flow out from the concrete mixer and into barrows.

We ducked off just as the rain started and did it rain and did the wind blow. Sister is a good driver but she follows too closely behind other cars, attempting to get them out of her way with a big black bull bar showing in their rear vision mirror. Always my foot is perched on the imaginary brake pedal.

But I must say, as the rain poured down and the wind swept across the freeway, it was quite nice being in big tough 4wd, spattered with red mud over the rainbow stickers.

We picked up pies for lunch and Mother had managed to open a tin of soup and heat it up. Lordy, she even had the oven on to make cup cakes for Little Jo to ice, and made the icing. Mother apologised for the stodgy cakes, as she confused metric with imperial.

Sis in Law's mother is in respite care near Mother's, and lo and behold, Sis in Law and Chain Saw Teen Niece turned up. Her male friend turned up to sweep up the lilli pilly berries. I had already done it, and the lawn mower man turned up. It was a good day. ABI brother called long after we left, asking why we weren't there for afternoon tea. Bros, it was lunch, not arvo tea.

Sister and Bone Doctor felt some guilt about R not seeing an awake Little Jo, and so we came back to our place once he was home from work and BD caught the tram to here from her conference. They went on for a dinner with friends in Geelong and they would not have been too late really.


  1. "Always my foot is perched on the imaginary brake pedal." I am always in this position in my eldest sister's car...she is terrifying to be with

  2. MC, you and I are probably of the type that do that with anyone who doesn't drive like we do.

  3. Big Day At Nanny Fud's for sure.

    Bull-barred vehicles are documented as being the worst tailgating offenders. Out on a rural road this week, I was in a convoy behind a readymix concrete truck and the car behind it pulled out to pass on double solid lines.
    Think about drivers like that the next time we are all supposed to have sympathy for some crash fatality.
    The affection between R and Lil Jo is impressive.
    What a long day she had though.


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