Sunday, June 13, 2010

A train whistle in your street

The Railway line running along the main street of Fauresmith, is said to be a phenomenon which is found only in two other towns worldwide, namely Tula Homa, Tennessee, USA and in Wycheproof, Victoria, Australia.

So said a South African website. Perhaps the author was referring to regular services, rather than special events. Timespanner once again has interested me with a link she sent to New Zealand's Bay of Islands town of Kawakawa, where they celebrate their railway history with the, wait for it, Puff 'n' Pull Festival.

As you can see in this photo from their website, a train line does run along the street. Oh dear, I just noticed the take away chicken food sign too.

When we were returning to Melbourne from our Broken Hill/Mildura holiday in 2007, we stopped for a bite to eat in Wycheproof. I was amazed to see a train line going down the middle of the street. Is it still used? Seems so, by grain trains. Driving around trams in the city is bad enough, but imagine a train following you closely behind. Don't worry though, speed is restricted to 25 kmh, so that would be the highest speed that the train would push your car along the street should you dare to take it on.

A diesel electric travelling along Broadway in Wycheproof. Photo from

The last steam train to travel along Broadway. Photo from

And of course the train tracks can be seen with googlies Street View.

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  1. Last year I travelled on teh Bernina Express in Switzerlant. It went through the main street of a number of towns.

  2. ooh i used to have an electric train set with an engine just like that blue and yellow one up there. It was lovely.

  3. Interesting Panther, because I thought there were probably many towns where trains went through the middle of towns. I was gobsmacked when I clicked on your name link. We have had some email interaction many years ago. I check your site occasionally. I used to often and much fun was had.

    Fen, it is a pretty classic train for Victoria. Much disparaged now, but was a work horse type train engine.

  4. Great photos and thanks for information new to me (well I never thought about Wycheproof till now, for a start).

    In Los Angeles, part of Santa Monica Blvd, adjacent to Beverly Hills shops, has train line in centre (similar to our St.Kilda Rd and Dandenong Rd tram line in centre median).

  5. Hmmm Ann. I normally don't associate train lines and LA together. Note I refrained from offering my views on Wycheproof township.

  6. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Wycheproof also has very good vanilla slices at the town bakery of memory serves me correctly. Used to stop in there on the way to Central Australia wth a busload of teenagers in a previous life.

  7. MD, I think it was the bakery where we bought food. Always head to a country town bakery for food when travelling.

  8. Yup, we go through there a fair bit on our trips, the kids love seeing that rail way in the middle of the place... very cool they reckon :)

  9. Oh Yeah, Highriser's page loads in a flash instead of me wandering out to get a cup of tea while waitng.


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