Saturday, June 12, 2010

St Kilda Walk 1/3

Heritage Victoria has a podcast to download from their website. It is a guided walk along a few interesting St Kilda streets looking at buildings, mostly houses. The walk is not strenuous and takes about an hour. If you do take the walk, choose a nice day for a better experience. For photographers, a sunny winter afternoon is not a great time to take the walk and take snaps.

If you can't take the walk, download the podcast and take a look at my photos of the various buildings you see. The comments are mine, mostly based on what is in the podcast.

Stop 1. Summerland Mansions facing Fitzroy Street at the corner of Acland Street. Interesting to me, the kitchens in the apartments were tiny, as you weren't expected to really cook in them but join your fellow residents in the dining room where Street Cafe is now. Also, at 6 guineas per week, the rent sounds terribly expensive. The site was the first Crown land to be sold in St Kilda, to the skipper of the ship The Lady of St Kilda. The suburb was named after the ship.

Stop 2. Jackson and Acland Street. No. 8 Acland St, a Victorian house converted to flats. The Victorian house replaced an earlier single storey residence. Many of the flats that can be seen along Acland Street were built on the grounds of grand mansions.

Stop 3. Right into Victoria Street to flats at 14 to 20. On the opposite side of the street are three different housing styles side by side.

The Victorian home.

Interwar flats, modern style.

Post Modern, built 1989. It is worth having a look at this rather spectacular house alone.

4. Cross the street to look at 14 to 20. What appears to be interwar flats, is actually a Victorian house with a facade and bay windows added and converted to flats. The Victorian wall can be seen in the second photo.

5. Move along Victoria Street and cross Pollington Street. Three houses that were once the same, the last, number 8 see third photo down, being altered to look Edwardian from Victorian. The house is currently owned by architect Alex Njoo, a sometimes letter writer to newspapers. Note in fourth photo the later forties addition at the rear when it became a boarding house.


  1. Well done, your photos are fab and I enjoyed that VR stroll :)

  2. I love looking at the styles of places in Melbourne. When I used to drive out to my Dad's place when he lived out Dandenong way O woulds always take the longer and more scenic route around the bay. I fell in love with lots of the houses/buildings each time I drove there and back. I always wonder the history of the places, who might have lived there.. who built them etc etc.
    Thankyou for showing them to us. I ought to take pics of places around Nth Melbourne when I work a day shift and share them here too.

  3. I like seeing all the different types of architecture.

  4. I had to think about VR Jayne. I was thinking of Victorian Railways.

    Cazzie, your break is cancelled. You are out to take photos of North Melbourne.

    J Bar, indeed you do and I enjoy seeing Sydney architecture.

  5. Wonderful old places - if you ever get up to Maitland out Morpeth way there are streets full of amazing old houses each one so different...we have forgotten so much with modern buildings looking so glum with no frills and decorations anymore

  6. It is very hard to admire modern architecture MC. I try, but mostly fail.


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