Monday, June 14, 2010

NSW Public Transport

I am often ferreting around the web about matters of public transport in Sydney. So how come this is the first time I have come across the organisation Action for Public Transport?

I really dislike being critical of volunteer organisations that work for the betterment of the world, but I must say, the author of the forum post below may well have some valid points. We are fortunate to have in Victoria the Public Transport Users Association which I have judged to be a very professional organisation with committed, articulate and media savvy spokesmen (spokesperson is ugly and I have never heard a female speaker from the PTUA). While I may not always agree with their views, that matters little.

Ah yes, Action for Public Transport:

You are pathetic; a shadow of a public transport lobby group. You produce virtually nothing in the way of publications; no-one knows who you are; your website is lousy and out of date. I can't believe NSW has such a crappy advocate for public transport. Where's your fire? I can only assume you are operating with a NSW government subsidy.


  1. Hold back your feelings, Andrew!

  2. I wonder if the forum critic has offered his/her time to the organisation?

    My view is if you think a voluntary organisation isn't doing enough about something you care about, then you may wish to criticise, but you you should also be offering your help.

    (Obviously that doesn't apply from across the border!)

  3. For once Stephen, the rant wasn't mine.

    Daniel, by what the author said, I very much doubt it. As you no doubt know, there are ways to criticise, without causing those who give their time the thought to chuck their hands in the air and say, why do I bother. I'm outa here.

  4. I've never heard of this group.

    I tried your link and was interested to find their latest notice relates to the 389 bus service which is one I use occasionally and also their suggestion of a link (where non currently exists) between Edgecliff where I live and the Five Ways to intersect with the 389.

    Such a link would suit me perfectly for my hospital work and visits and would give me an option to driving the route which is what I do currently.

  5. Still need two buses Victor. Would you really use it regularly?

  6. I work three days a week at the hospital, so if I didn't drive then yes I would use it.

    More interesting than whether I would use it is the suggestion for a link between Paddington and Edgecliff Station which currently has no public transport link at all.

  7. I would have to look the details up, but I think a steam tram used to run along Ocean Street to where Edgecliff Station is now. It was discontinued I think when steam trams were scrapped and because there was going to be good coverage by electric trams.


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