Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Another Sunday

In a moment of confusion, I thought we were invited to take tea with Copperwitch. I immediately think of her when we head south from the highrise. Of course in the future, I will be thinking of Fen too.

R's car was desperate to be washed. A bird doing what birds do was the final straw. It may well have been due to last night's visitor, a Mr Ballantyne from the isles of Scotland, that caused some reluctance to hand wash the motor car. We thought we would try the automatic car wash system in St Kilda. By putting in your own labour with their equipment, the cost is usually around five dollars, but the automatic system cost $15, which would be fine if it worked, but it did not.

We pulled the car over outside the St Kilda Town Hall and finished off the wet car with cloths that were intended to be used to clean the windows. It is a lesson learnt. And for five dollars more, you can watch an attractive Indian overseas student wash your car by hand. Just stretch that wee bit more laddie and let your shirt ride up.

Our ultimate destination was the DFO store at Moorabbin. DFO is Direct Factory Outlets for the uninitiated. We have done the lot and the Moorabbin complex is by far the best. I bought a jacket and a backpack. R bought a jacket and a jumper and something else. We bought a couple of face cloths for Little Jo as we only have one and she is a messy kid.

Put our indulgences in the boot, I told R. This was for security purposes as I wanted coffee along the way home and many years ago I learnt the need to not display your purchases on the back seat of your car. We drove where? Just checking. Centre Dandenong Road, Park Street, Reserve Road, Bay Road and then along the beach front to home. There were many things along the way to see. I heard Victoria Golf Course mentioned the other day on the radio, and lo, we passed by it. Was it the old Kingston course? Speaking of Kingston, I think Kingston council would deny permission to a developer to build the equivalent of a seven storey building at the location where they have built their offices. Surrounded by single storey and two storey building, their offices sit like a blot on the landscape, Kingston Municipal Offices. I don't care how good their local history is on their website, they should be sacked for approving such a monstrosity for themselves. Can I find a picture online to show you. Let me look. Err, no, not instantly anyway.

We also passed by the very attractive Cheltenham Park. Note, Melways has the golf club listed as Victoria and next to it Cheltenham, so I guess Kingston golf course is elsewhere.

Oh dear, a circus with a sad looking elephant standing under a cover. Really, in this day and age......The surrounds of the circus were mud. How is that going to work then?

There is a cafe in Kerford Road, Albert Park where I had a thought to have coffee, but I wasn't sure if it was open Sundays (it was). Maybe Sandbar or Portabella, both of which I like, the latter which may or may not have a gay owner who may just employ young ah beng type Asian guys. Oh look, a newie on the beachfront. The marvellous Sean Fishlock took this photo and mine of its renewal is below. The lightfittings are beautiful, the open fire warming. It is a very comfortable place to eat or refresh. I predict come summer, it will just go off. It was a bit cool on the outside decking, but it was nice gazing on the bay. Mine are only phone pics.


  1. Moorabbin DFO definitely the best of the lot.
    That coffee/meal place looks quite nice :)

  2. Have shopped-well at that DFO's Royal Doulton shop.
    The big park opposite is teeming with wildlife, and the sky is packed with those taking off and landing.
    Farm Road behind that park is surprisingly 'rural' in feel. A great place to live I think (for plane freaks anyhow).
    I was driving that road in Cheltenham that runs between the 2 golf courses and a fox crossed the road, so don't take your eyes off the baby in it's pram.

  3. Our grandfather used to take us to the edge of the airport, perhaps where DFO is now, to watch the planes take off and arrive.

    We were in Royal Doulton looking for wine glasses. Mistake.

  4. yes, hooray, soon I'll be there, in 2 weeks with any luck.
    Do you mean Kingston Heath? That's not far from my new house.

  5. That would be the one Fen.

  6. Moorabbin DFO is my pick of the FO's and I'm long overdue for a trip there - if you feel like heading out there again any time soon let me know and I can teach you all I know about shopping.

  7. Shopping expert then are you? I hate shopping. I do it when I absolutely have to.

  8. Need a personal shopper then? Just arm me with your credit card and the required measurements (for the items you require you filthy bugger) I'll take care of the rest.

  9. You'll need measurements. An allowance has to be made.


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