Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Japan Bound

By this time next week we will, all being well, in Tokyo. Sister and Little Jo will stay while we are away. I have been working my way through the list of preparations and wishing I was a bit more like Victor.

Today I bought 75,000 yen and picked up our Japan Rail Pass vouchers, which was a relief to have removed from the list.

Remaining on my list is some personal grooming, as I must look my best when I am at an onsen. I will take more care with wax than somebody did.

Check how to get to the transport museum in Tokyo by train.

Put Tattslotto on for two weeks rather than one.

Set tv recording for while we are away.

Buy a lead for the laptop to plug into the hotel sockets. DSE had them for $30 for 3 metres. The $2 type shop has them for $7 for 5 metres. So long as it works, why pay $30? It took me time to establish that an ethernet cable and a lan cable are the same thing. Well, I hope they are.

Lastly write a goodbye note to a neighbour who is moving to Sydney while we are away. He was full of his business when he visited to announce his departure, we did not get a chance to say there was no chance of farewell drinks.

I am a two minute noodle virgin. I have never eaten them before today. I bought some Thai tom yum noodles a week or so ago. I like tom yum. As we were leaving a social gathering yesterday, someone called out, I hope you like sushi. Neither of us do. He then said, just ask for terriyaki. Yeah, I know all about terriyaki and other food options, but I expect we be eating quite a lot of noodles, so, today I tried the two minute noodles.

The dishwasher was already on, so I did not want to dirty a pot, so the microwave method it was. The flavour was good and the noodles were ok. They are bad for you, R proclaimed when I told him later. I expect they have a lot of salt and perhaps msg. Never mind. I thoroughly enjoy two minute noodles. Next time I will drain the liquid into a bowl, throw the noodles away and have the liquid.

Oh yes. I am not good at teary farewells, so when you don't hear from me, I will be gone. I doubt I will post from Japan. As I usually do, I will wait until I get home to tell you about the land of the rising sun.

In the meantime, I have some old and unfinished posts to clear and the final St Kilda walk post to write. I did ditch the US health care one, as it just seems so out of date now.


  1. This link is the food posts of Tokyo CRAIG a Melbourne boy in TKY


  2. damn the equal symbol won't work on this new laptop. and so neither will that link.

    please do it yourself. Craig has food pics you will shreik

    (and I am shreiking till I find how to make the equal work)

  3. Sounds like you're in for quite the exciting trip!

    As long as you pick us all up something nice on your way through: Photos, amusing stories, rail-system comparisons, then we'll be happy!


  4. Have a great time!

    Look forward to seeing your photos.

    As for noodles...I LOVE them.

    I get these awesome vegan ones that are much more healthy than the usual....well, at least the ingredient list is less frightening.

    Australia has Vegemite to scare us tourists. Japan has Natto. I'm wondering if you're going to try it.....

  5. Cannot wait for the pics of your trip :)

  6. This video ought to help you work out how to use your pass. Worked a treat for me, so you should have a great time!

    Matta ne!

  7. Thanks Ann. I can get a meat pie there...its just a bit different. Is your keyboard set to US, who have the same arrangement as we do, rather than UK?

    I always enjoy Mutant. Thanks.

    Thanks Dina. The friend we will see in the north of Japan is vegetarian, so she will steer us well for food when we are there. Natto hey, I will save that for tomorrow.

    I hope it is photogenic Cazzie.

    Thanks James. Another word to look up tomorrow and a site to look at.

  8. Have fun!!! :)

  9. Bon voyage when you go, Andrew. I am looking forward to reading all about it on your return.

  10. Sometimes Jayne, it is not fun, but interesting and educative. We will try to have fun.

    Thanks LiD. I always write up point notes after each day, like maybe twenty words, but it is more handwriting than I normally do.

  11. How excitement! I've never been to Japan, so can't wait to read your tales.
    I've read that 2 min noodles do indeed have MSG in them, but I don't eat them so I can't check.

  12. Full of it I'd reckon Fen.

  13. Enjoy and no doubt will have plenty of tales to tell

  14. Hope so MC. Never bored when I can watch people on the street.


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