Thursday, June 17, 2010

The important things in life

Well, has our Kylie finished with that Spanish bloke or not? I worry for her. She does like a taste of the Spanish/Latin types it would seem. They don't seem very reliable. How untypically male. Does Madge Ciccone still have her Jesus in tow? Now he is hot!, but perhaps she has worn him out already.

I better take a look at Koily's bit of stuff. See if I approve of her choice. Oh dear, some nude modelling in his early days. Oh, how we live to regret. You can see the explicit photos of her b/f on my High Riser Celebs page. Not half bad. Be quick, page 2 for the nude ones. They will get pulled very soon by those who monitor us make sure we don't see a still picture of a naked man, but would allow us to see him slowly slicing a knife through someone's neck. Violence is fine, so long as clothes are kept on.

Andres Velensosco Segura is nice looking for sure. I love the looks of Spanish/Latin men. But I prefer a smoother body than most of them have and that dark hair gets absolutely everywhere. You just know at some point you are going to pulling something out from between your teeth. What you say straight guys? Occupational hazard for you you too? Hmm, never thought about that.

But don't we worry about our Kylie not being in a stable relationship?


  1. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Andrew, agreed on not liking pulling stuff out of one's teeth. If I want to floss, I'll buy floss.

    I would imagine straight men with Gen Y partners would face this problem less often. For most 20-something women, it's all removed down there more often than not.

    Would be nice if Kylie found someone to give her babies and a lifelong partner. Nicole Kidman did and I find Kylie far more appealing!

  2. Floss MD, snigger.

    I never thought of that, but I bet won't be bothering much when they are fifty.

    Oh la la. I think even I would like to give Kylie babies. Often wonder why someone like Nicole fights so hard against the media? If she is seen out and about, doing the shopping, normal things, all the time, she would be much less interesting to paparazzi. Their evasive actions keep them newsworthy and in the money.

  3. Gawd these net drawling bots are good. The nudie photos have gone,leaving just the titillating.

  4. Wait, did I miss the nudiry already? Damn, I'll just have to stage my own then.

    As for issues pertaining to dark haired men - perhaps I could demonatrate the issue with my own bedding after a night with the Husbear. Its an issue I'm all too familiar with I'm afraid.

    The interesting thing about the Disco Midget saga is how she must be absolutely seething that her less famous sister has managed to hook a man and begin the incubation process. Poor ol' Kylie must've been spewing when that news hit!

  5. Maybe Koily is spewing Mutant, but I bet she is having a lot of fun in Spain, as we would. Ten points to you for knowing about the world's troubles and important matters.


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