Sunday, June 13, 2010


In 2001/2 R's sister and his bro in law visited Australia. They did not stay with us as our house was small and we had no spare room. R had already been pushing me to look at some highrise apartments, but what I had seen did not excite me. We were travelling in the number 96 tram/light rail and as we were travelling through Southbank and staring up at the highrise apartments, R's sister said to me, Andrew, you will be living up their soon. I don't think so Maria (pronounced marry) Just a few months later we bought the highrise. It is very different to the Southbank highrise buildings. (ok, yes, I might have written that all before)

At some point I was watching football with R's bro in law while he was here. Hehe, I commented, that bloke barely touched the other bloke and he fell down injured and was carted off the field. I like the builds of soccer players as opposed to our no neck rugby players or the lumps of chunk Aussie Rule players, but really, I find it hard to take soccer seriously when they indulge in this fake injury nonsense.

Ten thousand Melburnians are expected to be at Birrarung Marr at 4.30 in the morning to watch on a big screen Australia play Germany.

Media is attempting to get me to be excited about Australia playing against Germany in Durban, but I will just listen to the result in the radio news in the morning, that is mid morning, not 6am morning.


  1. I'll be up, with the telly on in the bosses office. One of my co-workers is already glued to it, he's a football fanatic. Next week we move back to our normal floor and we have a projector and big screen to watch it all on. I don't really mind what happens, but all that atmosphere is a bit exciting.

  2. Morning Fen. Well that all did not go so well did it.

  3. *snort* With John Cleary on 774 at midnight talking portents and omens (like Hewitt beating Federerrr and falling stars at Woomera) we expected another miracle?

  4. Now in retrospect, we can say it would have been a miracle Jayne. No one was before.


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