Friday, June 04, 2010

An Era Ends and a Puzzlement

For around three years we have been going to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy to get our hair cuts. GI Joes opened in Prahran some time before then and we went their for a short time but we weren't keen on the staff. The hair cuts were good though, and cheap, at $15 for me. There was a branch in Richmond, where we have also been, but the Fitzroy branch was our preference. We liked the staff, especially the Kiwi born Di, who left not long ago, and Meng, the Asian guy.

The business is closing for the cafe Madame Sousou next door to expand. If I have been waiting for R to have his haircut, I walk the side streets. I have walked the side streets regardless when I get my hair cut. It is a very old and interesting area. If you need a fix of info, news and photos of Fitzroy, you would not find a better site to visit than Fitzroyalty.

I will leave Fitzroy with a puzzlement. Over the top of the windows to the side you can see the original brick arch lintels. They don't stand out at all. Why does the central window have a different arch lintel? It does not look as if it was recently added and the brickwork under it is original. I suspect something has been removed that protected the brickwork from weather. The bricks not laid with the same care or cleaning as the rest, because they wouldn't be seen. I think I was in Kent Street. Anyway, odd. Suggestions welcome.


  1. I love connundrums like this. I agree there does not appear to be any great variation to the other brickwork around it and beneath it. Sometimes, I think there was originally a carriageway through into the rear courtyard which with the passage of time and lack of use, they have enclosed. You have given me an idea for an occasional series. I have lots of walls that are patchwork.

    BTW .. you sent me a link to a Statue of Liberty on Fort Denison. I did an elaborate answer but it disappeared up its own nostril. Thank you for thinking of me. I think the idea of something like that in the harbour is a bit disgusting, but maybe that word is not strong enough. But I gather the wally who put forward the idea has lots of other brainwaves too. Eventually the council got jack of him and had the 1908 Royal Commission into the layout of the city which resulted in lots of widening (Broadway and Oxford street both of which I have posted on, for example). The RC also gave control so that that sort of statue on FD would not go ahead. Worthy of its own post, if I might steal your idea/research, please?

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the kind reference and link! Di is now at Rumble and but I assume you already know that!

    The news re Madame Sousou is interesting too - I need to find a better way of capturing all this incidental information, such as the recent news that Lambs Go Bar is going to close.

    When one person starts sharing info it encourages others to join in!

  3. Ok, having dug out the magnifying specs and magnifying glass there's a discrepancy in the brickwork pattern immediately beneath the larger arch; the brick pattern, one row long side facing out, next row short ends facing out, continues either side of the arch but not beneath it.
    It's been filled in with original red bricks of the era, probably from the building itself.
    Looking further down beneath the window the same pattern is interrupted, suggesting it may have been a large doorway originally.
    It's been a really top job, though!

  4. Often those type of arches are built in purely to strengthen the wall. Perhaps to strengthen the area above the gap for the window. That would be my guess.

  5. Good call Julie. I agree, a carriage entrance. You are certainly informed about the Fort. By all means write about it. Someone else posted the picture and info. Imagine if those roads had not been widened!

    I didn't know where Di went Brian, so thanks. I believe her services cost a little more now though. I believe MS is going to have a bar. I like MS. Had some nice meals there.

    Jayne, I just won't have a blind chick pointing out something in my photo that I did not pick up. Now they would slap on some fibro. So do you think there would have been some sort of porch or covering, which is what I thought.

    Ah Katya, welcome home. I called them arch lintels but no idea if they are the right words. But yes, to hold things up.