Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Movie

I just clicked the Movie label on my blog and it seems the last movie I saw was Australia, in January 2009. There hasn't been a lot of movies that have appealed to me. Sometimes one I like the look of, I know R won't like and vice versa. He has seen a couple on his own and one with friends.

For his birthday in March, I gave him two Gold Class cinema tickets. Well I gave him one and the other one would be for me, wouldn't it. It better be. He wanted to see Robin Hood, even though neither of us like Russell Crowe but we do like Miss Blanchett, so we went online to book seats at Crown. I have been using the net since the mid nineties and booked many tickets online, so you would think I would be able to reserve Gold Class seats with confidence. What a shocker the Village Cinema website is to try to do such a thing. R tried and got a bit further, to the point of having to give his credit card number for the booking fee, but there was no surety that he wasn't going to get charged for tickets as well.

We decided to call up and book then. The auto voice told us that they can no longer take seat reservations for Gold Class over the phone and suggested to do so on the website. What? Does everyone now have the internet? I questioned R over the exact wording of the message and he retorted that should I try myself. I tried. Definitely what was said. He tried again and just waited for 'a consultant'. Magically the consultant could take the booking and there was no booking fee. Wasn't hard was it?

As usual, we arrived early for the 6.30 movie. We had a drink and ordered two more each to be delivered during the movie. We also ordered a plate of dips, bread and olives and a single serve of fish and chips. We were hungry again by the time we left.

The movie was ok, the chairs and the service excellent, and so it should be. During the week I added up how much we spent that night.

Two already bought tickets, $72.
Drinks, $42.
Food, $40.
Grand total, $154.

I should have bought him a rent boi for an hour for his birthday. It might have even been cheaper.


  1. A rent boy might have been cheaper but at least Gold Class doesn't leave you with any nasty mementoes that later require medical treatment.

  2. Oh that did make me laugh! Didn't you see Avatar? Loved it - colourful aliens save valuable habitat - right up my alley. Had more than a swipe at corporations and the armed forces. Maybe just rent the DVD!

  3. Andrew, try navigating that site with dial-up. The booking fee is a bitch but at least I get the seat I want although I haven't checked if I get a booking fee since I joined the movie club.
    I try not to buy their food since most of it ends up on me instead of in me but as Miss O'Dyne found, the Southland GC does a mean G&T.

  4. Yer coulda rented a Weekend with Bernie for R for less than $5 - with the option to buy.

  5. True Victor, true.

    R saw it Cheryl and enjoyed, but no, I didn't. I didn't know about the swipes. Interesting.

    Ok Jahteh, I guess there is a lot of stuff on their pages to load. Normally I don't have a problem but then I have not booked for a long time. It looks more complicated. I thought $7 for spirits was ok.

    Is Bernie cute LS?

  6. Hi Andrew

    Barney and I saw it at the Larrikin's End Odious for $10. I put him in my pocket. We took our own vodka cocktail in the shaker, lox and cream cheese wraps and Belgian chocs for afters. I would have paid $144 for better chairs though.



  7. What's the Gold Class food actually like?

  8. $10 is cheap Pants, even for the Odious, I would have thought. Surely there is a captive market and they can charge full price. The seats, well lounge room lie back recliners are very comfortable.

    Somebody, quality ok, quantity lacking. You really do need your own three courses to fill yourself. That would come to about $40.

  9. Somebody, in case I misinterpreted your question, just remember you are eating in the dark, so it has to be stuff you can dip into or stab.

  10. Would R have shared the rent boy like he did the tickets or would he have kept him to himself?

  11. Wouldn't be the first time Ian ;-)

  12. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Gold Class is SUCH a rip-off.

    We've taken to going to Palace Cinemas at Como instead - movie club tickets are cheap, you can take wine into the movie with you and the seats are comfy with little tables for food and drink. Did I mention they also serve cocktails and have happy hour? It's basically my dream living room.

  13. Been to Como cinema many times MD. I love it. The decor, the soft lighting, comfortable seating, great value.


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