Friday, April 02, 2010


Did some mention political correctness? Oh yeah, I did.

It is sad that Nacy Cato was dismissed from Chapel off Chapel theatre a few years ago. However, Chapel off Chapel does very well and is popular. We used to see quite a few things there. C off C is under the control of City of Stonnington and I am quite sure they do not want to offend any of their constituents, especially the Jewish, although I hardly think City of Stonnington is responsible for what is shown or performed at C off C.

Still, I was a bit surprised to see this,The Zionist Story - The Land speaks Arabic, about the expulsion of Palestinians by Zionists and then to ice the cake, an art exhibition called Painting blue skies in Gaza, showing works by imprisoned muslim and christians in Gaza.

Is Chapel off Chapel becoming a good old lefty theatre in the very non lefty City of Stonnington?

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