Friday, April 09, 2010

Your Girl Name

Back in the seventies and eighties, it was de rigueur for gay men to have female nicknames. These were often names similar to their own first name, but not always. Sometimes it would be related to their family name or their job.

Here are a few I knew.

Bruce was Blanch, as much for his tarty behaviour a la Golden Girls.

Warren was Wilma.

One Ray was Raelene and the other Raquel.

Ross was Rose, again relating to Golden Girls, and then his name became Leaf. Probably only older gays understand this one.

A surname starting with D became Dorothy, then Dotty.

Max became Madge and another became Maggie and sometimes Margaret.

A John became Mary and affectionately a drawn out Mares. Work that one out.

Lionel, Lilly.

Michael, Mona and another Michelle.

Andrew, Andrea and another Agnes.

Carlos, Carlotta.

Danny, Danielle and another Deidre (spelling?)

Peter, Petra, another Petal, another Patricia and another Patrice.

Lyndon, Linda.

Gary, Gertie.

A double whammy from surname and profession, Pollie.

After writing this less than fascinating post, it strikes me that these are nearly all such old names. Aren't we dated by our names or those our contemporaries.


  1. Just don't call me Shirley.

  2. Lol Brownie. We know how I got that one. It amuses me.

  3. Dear Andrew, you could only have been called 'Drop dead gorgeous'.

    *sits in corner and waits for Sedgwick and Hughes to turn up.*

  4. So kind Jahteh. I do recall something about 'drop dead' but the gorgeous part eludes my memories.

  5. lol, nothing like having an alter ego.

  6. Those names aren't dated, you're awful, Muriel.

  7. Those names are a treat! I have another blog where I write short pieces mostly about fictional people. Making sure I get the names matched to ages is crucial. Should you be of a mind, today you could meet Percy ... and there is no procelain in sight.

    I call many guys 'Petal' be they homo or hetero ... actually, come to think of it, I call many women that too. Much be an ambidextrous title ...

  8. Thanks to my parents fabulous naming conventions, they did all the hard work for me and gave me a lady-name already, kinda like 'A Boy Named Sue', what I really need is a blokes name.

  9. Jessie, Jessica.
    Steven, Stephanie.
    Andrew, Angie or Annaleise.
    Danny,'d that one get there? Haha
    I'm Carolyn, named because I was born near Christmas..Dad thought it a great idea to remember my name easily naming me after Christmas Carols..yeah well, I still get Sweet Caroline sang to me all the time..when my song is Carolyn by Johnny Young, which I keep on singing Sweet Caroline people! Haha.
    Most names suit the person, I reckon :)

  10. Fen, some of us never played the part well.

    I think they are Jayne. Muriel was my grandmother's name, her proper one that is.

    Julie, some names last and some just don't and some I can't see ever being fashionable again. Our almost oldest friend is called Percy. Calling people Petal is nice. I like Treasure too.

    Ah Mutant, now I've got it. I though it was an abbreviation of Kevin.

    Cazzie, how could I have left out Stephanie for Steven. I actually like Cazzie. It sounds affectionate and Australian. I am so not going to get out any Neil Diamond records.

  11. *sits in corner and waits for Sedgwick and Hughes to turn up.*

    I'd just like to add that the male and female versions of Terry are Terri and Terry...both of which are a form of towelling for nappies I believe.


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