Friday, April 02, 2010


Since my Tradie Brother and Sis in Law separated, we have made an effort to keep in touch with Sis in Law. Toady, Good Friday, we arranged a picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens for whoever in the family who could attend. There was myself and R, Mother, ABI Brother, Sis in Law and Dreaded Nephew. Parking is always hard at RBG on weekends, but we managed to find spaces. Mother can't walk too far, so we planned to picnic at the ornamental lake near Domain Road. It was a good choice.

After lunch we left Mother alone and walked down to the large lake and tea rooms and then up up up to the just renovated Volcano.

From afar I think we spied three generations from Our Great Southern Land. Small world.

The weather was mild, the sun disappearing and reappearing and a gentle breeze. The gardens were packed with people, doing what people do in the RBG. On a downer, it is hard to imagine that this is the same city where there is violence on the streets and angry youth rioting and stabbing each other and kicking victims on the ground. Mother initiated an interesting chat with Dreaded Nephew about violence in Glasgow where he spent a year or so. I follow Glasgow Daily Photo and Glasgow is a very attractive place, but it has and always has had a big problem with violence.

Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon at the Gardens. We picnicked above this ornamental pond.

I like the glimpses of Melbourne's tallest building, Eureka, often to be seen when out and about. Sis in Law asked about the old house peering down. Government House, where Governor de Kretser lives. The flag is flying, so he is home. He normally says yes, but he can so no on the Queen's behalf to any law enacted by the democratically elected government of Victoria.

We spotted a couple of eels in the big lake. There used to be a seething mass of them. The water level is still quite low, barely covering the bottom in places.

Dreaded Nephew is planning to give Mother, Nanna Fud, an almighty fright. She grabbed for her hat with one hand and her heart with the other.

The rest of the photos are of the renovated and just opened Guilfoyle's Volcano. Nice views from the apartment block.

Queensland bottle trees, I believe.

Floating islands in the waters of the volcano.

Later edit: As I suspected, Jayne and her lad and her dad were there. Check out her post here.


  1. Nice pics Andrew, it's going to look really swish once the plants start growing a bit more.

  2. Not Glasgow,'s Glarsgee. The violence is hardly surprising when you consider the accent. The only word you can ever make out is the 'f' word, used un-sparingly as punctuation. Not a good way of communicating, really.

  3. Yes, yes you did spy us lol.
    It was Melbourne at her very best yesterday ;)

  4. Yep Fen, looks very new. Some cactus had been badly knocked around by the hail.

    Said in that very special Glaswegian way of saying it Brian.

    Look forward to your photos Jayne.

  5. Ali always takes me there when I go down - its just so lovely to meander and promenade and people seem so friendly because they are doing the same thing. Your gardens are just beautiful

  6. A year ago or more MC, it was dry and horrible. Now it is very lush. I like it a lot.