Thursday, April 22, 2010

Uhhh? What? Storm?

Apparently Melbourne has or perhaps had, a successful rugby team known as Storm. The team is now discredited. Evidently they won a final competition a year or so ago. While there is huge media coverage over their downfall tonight, I can't recall media coverage when they won. Seems Melbourne's Storm is now disgraced. I don't predict a sleepless night for most Victorians.

We just don't care.


  1. as Lord Sedgwick would say - perzackerly.
    A storm in an athletic cup.

  2. Rugby LEAGUE... not rugby. You Melbourne boys!! :)

  3. I said the same thing to hubby. When Storm won we never heard so much media coverage as now. Everyone likes to hear the bad stories.

  4. we had a storm? lol

  5. You southerners are too wrapped up in your AFL teams to notice there is a whole lot more in the rest of the world.


  6. *snort*
    Big baddie in the midst was involved with AFL team St Kilda before NRL. St Kilda's books being scrutinized.
    Am predicting Vic Govt will lease out new bubble stadium for CWA conventions and mummy blogger meet ups to claw back the taxpayers dosh that was spent on building it.
    Who wants to bother watching a team guaranteed to lose for the rest of 2010?

  7. Amazingly enough Andrew, some people actually will be upset by this news, well half a dozen at least including one rabid fan who lives just a couple of doors down from DT's.

    As damaging as this will be to the upstart Victorian team, its also a golden opportunity for them. With no premiership point available for the the reast of the season they need to play their arses off to show to the world that shey still have passion, even without the offer of glory.

    That's probably a boat that'll be missed though.

  8. Nice turn of phrase Ann.

    Ah yeah James, the working class rugby, not the posh one.

    Cazzie, I assure you I am not gleeful about this, snigger.

    Fen, one of those fast moving ones that you don't remember.

    Victor, blissful in our ignorance.

    Jayne, St Kilda is the very interesting aspect to it. Soccer will save the non round ground.

    Mutant, he might be even more upset when and if the dirt about his favourite AFL team comes out. I did used to puzzle how Storm did so well, concluding they could afford to buy very good players. They certainly did buy them.