Thursday, April 08, 2010

Two days that just went wrong

It was my day off. I had some shopping to do. I had some things at home to do. But I also wanted some me time, that is go somewhere interesting on relaxing public transport. Let someone else worry about the driving. I had in mind Station Pier at Port Melbourne.

Circumstances conspired against me and I went out later than I wanted to. I was determined that I was going to Station Pier and I did. I was there about twenty minutes for a cup of coffee and then back to town. I achieved what I wanted to do, but in a most unsatisfactory manner.

I like the trip on the 109 tram to Port Melbourne. It is short and pleasant, although the track is quite bad in places. Even in the early afternoon, the tram was busy. I think turning the old St Kilda and Port Melbourne train lines into light rail may have been premature. There seems to be enough passengers for a trains now.

What I did notice out the tram window was that Southbank tram depot has been extended. It is weird. It narrows for a bit and then widens out again. It seems to stretch for kilometre. It must be a long walk for the staff to get from one end of the depot to the other. Perhaps they use golf buggies and bad luck if they forget something and have to go back.

I forgot that R was returning early from work that day. I was on my way home and I sent him an sms to swap the cars. A few minutes later he called, letting the phone ring a couple of times before hanging up. This is to tell me to go down and move my car so he can park in front of me. I was confused because it was too early and I was still on the tram. I rang him and got an earful and a hang up. Btw, did I ever mention that I am not perfect?

All in all, it was quite an unsatisfactory day.

But wait. That was a couple of weeks ago. I have just had another one.

The plan, out by 9.30 to get petrol and a couple of things in Prahran. Got caught up, and not out till ten. Not really a problem but everything took longer than I expected. The kitchen scales needed new batteries. That was easy at Uncle Bucks, but no battery for my work car park remote control. Try camera shop, no. Eventually I find that the hardware store in Prahran Market has them. I needed one, which will last five years, but of course I must buy two. The battery was an A23, which I discovered later.

Back home and start tidying up after hurricane Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo, who stayed last night. Washing, vacuuming, dishes, sorting and catching up on Landline while I worked. Computer playing up, and attempt to remedy problem in between other things. Very behind with blog reading. Catch that up. Dry clothes, hang some up. Empty dishwasher and load it up again. Mein gott. 2pm.

The rest of the day was going to be a tram to Prahran Station, train to Hampton Station, train to city for shopping and tram to Brunswick Street for haircut. All was scrubbed except for a quick trip to the city by tram to buy underwear on special at Myer and a cap in Big W, who had the same underwear at the same price, although not on special. The trip to Hampton and haircut will have to wait.

At home, computer still playing up. It is maybe a month since I have defragged. I have never know defragging to fix anything, but it seemed to this time. All is well.

R arrived home and we went out for a walk but dropped in our 'scripts to be filled at the chemist. Chemist has just moved. Sorry Andrew, we are out of one of your drugs. Bit of a mess since the move. Ok, I will pick them up tomorrow. Sorry R, no paper bag for your drugs, bosses son locked the keys for the shed, where the bags are stored, in the shed.

Seems everyone has days that don't quite go how they would like them to. I must aim lower in the future.


  1. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Bummer of a day, Andrew. You got hit with a whole heap of things at once, too many to deal with. Thats the problem with crisis's(sp) they tend to travel in bunches.
    Makes ya yearn for being back home in the country - a common fantasy. But glad I dont live that close in to the city, we are trying to organise to move further out. Too many people, too much crap.

  2. Registry cleaner.
    Or cyclonic vaccuum.

  3. Well, at least the underwear came through for you!

  4. The 109 has a regular driver who is gorgeous - possibly named Shane. I was introduced properly to him, on board by an eccentric jewel-laden woman who lives at the very end of the line in Surrey Hills.

    Today in The Sun there was a photo death notice for 2 old Connies. Put in by the Two Bells gang - ding ding.
    Gosh trams were fun back in the old days.

  5. The Southbank tram depot extension is kind of sad. Although I understand the need to increase the tram storage capacity, they completely obliterated an incredibly pleasant stretch of park and trees to make way for it. Used to love cycling through there and smelling the pine trees on a hot day... now it's just a concrete mess.

  6. I had one of those days last Thursday but being the sook I am I came home all went to shit that had started out so perfectly...but hey still here to tell the story so things not so bad - still on the right side of the grass hey.

  7. Yeah Michael, I think at times I try to fit too much in. We have our local shops, where we are known. While it is a big city, we have what we think of as our villages that we know well.

    Jayne, I misread cyclonic the first time for another quite close word.

    Lad, and a couple of badly needed new shirts.

    Brownie, along with disappearing conductors, eccentric passengers seem to have disappeared too. Glad you know of one.

    Understand Jeb. I can't really remember how it was. I think there is good cycle path incorporated into the extension, but not the same as a park of course.

    Maybe I should try having a good bawl MC. Might help.

  8. Anonymous2:12 am

    Andrew - re your computer slowdown thing - check to see if anything is hogging most of the memory - one program did it to me, (bastard) after it upgraded itself. Bloody thing thought it was SO important, it took over most of the RAM. (No, they hadn't told me about this - but its on page 500 of the license agreement "yes" box you ticked on installing it. )

    Sigh...I do yearn for the Fjords...


  9. Michael, it was something like that. Its ok now. I know which program did it but not why. It is a very old picture viewing program that I have used for years. fjords?


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