Thursday, April 15, 2010

TV Watching

I have learnt that it is not a good idea to view old tv programs that I used to like. I doubt Topper would have ever entered my head again had not Pants mentioned the show. Another I forgotten about but was reminded about by TVAU, was Hector Heathcote. I can almost remember the tune. Were the lyrics something like Hector Heathcote, He's the One...?

Tv was tv to me back then. I never distinguished where the program was made. Now I rarely watch US tv, with perhaps only half tuning in to Brother Sister each week. The last US tv show I seriously watched was United States of Tara.

But thank god for tv from the mother country. No sooner had the most excellent Griff Rhys Jones rivers show finish, then we are on to Britain from Above, just as wonderful. Friday night crime on our ABC comes from the UK. I like most of them. We have watched The Bill since it started and by the end of the year it will be gone. It will be just a memory, but a good one.

I was surprised that our locally made Hungry Beast finished last night. After a very slow and confusing start in the first series, the second has been much better. At the beginning of each year, I don't look forward to Spicks and Specks starting again. I feel it is tired. But as the year progresses, I find myself sucked into it. Surely it can't run for ever.

Can't mention tv without heaping praise on Beautiful People, another one from ole Blighty. I think we laugh more during this show than any other at the moment.

Now to the serious. What a coup! Kerry O'Brien has recorded an interview with the President of the United States, to be shown on tonight's 7.30 Report. Last night I watched the Premier of NSW interviewed on Lateline for a decent amount of time. It is the first time I have seen her other than in short grabs. She is impressive enough as a tv performer. But what a curious accent? A mash up of American and Australian but there seems to be another accent in there too.

And The Doctor is back on Sunday night with a new doctor. Yes naughty Fen, I know you have seen it already.

Wrap up by putting up a picture to remind those of you of a certain age about Topper. I can't recall if I liked the show or not. I have stolen the picture from Pants who probably stole it from someone else.


  1. Anonymous8:56 am

    I agree thank god for the ABC and SBS who both dare to show decent programs from anywhere but the USofA.

    Beautiful People is one of those little gems to watch. Couldn't be made anywhere else but the UK, they are good at these things.

  2. Oh I had totally forgotten Topper - I used to watch it all the time.

  3. I loved Topper, thanks for reminding me :)
    Red interviewed some whippersnapper called Matt Smith this morning, not too shabby, apparently NY has gone DW mad - good value always floats to the top ;)

  4. When I finally got access to ABC2, I was excited about watching some of my old favourite shows from when i was youger. One particular BBC comedy which was hilarious to me as a 14 year old was just plain embarrassing to me 15+ years later. It was disappointing, and I'm now really wary of watching anything I enjoyed when I was 16 or less. With the exception of Twin Peaks, which has aged well.

    I've never managed to catch a full episode of Beautiful People, but every time I'm flicking through and catch a bit it gives me a giggle or two...

  5. You should try Being Human when it pops up Andrew, the UK does this type of show so well. Don't miss the new Doctor, if the first two episodes are anything to go by he's going to be magnificent.

  6. Beautiful People is terrific.

    I'm addicted to 'The Wire' on ABC2 but have to watch it with the closed captions on in order to get some sense of the dialogue which otherwise is very hard on my deaf Australian ears.

    Speaking of language, I agree about Christina Keneally's accent. Not only is there a degree of Oz amongst all that Yanky stuff but I think there is also a very minor speech impediment that completes the stew.

  7. Pants a thief? I think not. It may interest you to know dear Andrew that DVD merchants don't mind getting free advertising.

    I will be watching O'Brien vs O'Bama tonight as well.



  8. Can't say as I've ever seen any of them. Just watching the new Dr. Who at the moment. (Tennant? Who was that?) And the latest and definitely final series of the increasingly bizarre Ashes to Ashes...which is most enjoyable.

  9. Yep, me ringside also for the battle of the Os (am I allowed to say O's in this case?) this evening.

  10. Anon, I'd be pretty lost without ABC and SBS. Beautiful People is indeed a show that could only be made in the UK.

    Hi Davine. Divine by nature? Welcome. I too have totally forgotten Topper. There was a ghost element to it I think.

    Me, a few shows stand up to a reviewing, but most don't. Lost in Space was my biggest disappointment.

    Will check out Being Human Tony. So the new Dr Who series teleported itself into your lounge room then.

    Just love it Victor. BBC has clips from it, but we aren't allowed to view them. The Wire needs a commitment I think. I struggle with some American dialogue too. Ok, I think that must be it. A slight speech impediment. Thinking further, it is a bit like she was born deaf and learnt to speak before she could hear.

    Ok Pants. I am the only thief. I have found you can do an awful lot of borrowing if you don't say bad things. Hehe, O'Bama. That's taken the moslem out of him.

    Not seen Beautiful People Brian? How could you not. We have had a series of Ashes to Ashes. We watched it by my memory of it is hazy.

    Julie, I have lost control of the buttons tonight, so I will watch the O's tomorrow.

  11. Aw Jayne, I heard some of the interview but I did not realise it was him.

  12. I wish we just had a dedicated British TV channel... kinda like UKTV only more up to date.