Thursday, April 22, 2010


The Dr Who spin off series Torchwood is an anagram of Dr Who. I puzzled about this briefly a couple of times, before I unabbreviated Doctor Who. The veil lifted and the light became brighter.

Overheard on the Moonee Ponds railway station platform by one old lady to another. 'We have our new Mickey ticket system starting soon'. How right she was.

I keep seeing smoking, skinny rough looking and talking men in their thirties with smoking, fat, rough looking and talking woman in their twenties and they have a baby in a pram. Should I alter the areas I frequent, avoid public transport or just fear for the child?

PM Krudd works his staff too hard. What? They don't have decent working conditions? They can't knock off at their finish time? They have to work more than an eight hour day? They work more than a 40 hour week? Disgraceful, unless they being paid a heap of money, our money. I think they are. Here is a novel approach for PM Krudd from his supposed heartland. Employ enough people and give your staff normal working conditions.

What is that weird black graphic thing that appears on the second page of The Age each day? Something to do with connecting to The Age via you mobile? Nice if The Age told us. Do you get the same in the SMH?

Qantas said no Euro flight until Friday at the earliest. This struck me as an odd thing to state when the situation was fluid. Volcanoes explode and subside. Wind blows in different directions. Qantas is flying now on the Wednesday before Friday, looking for slots into Heathrow.

I had a 'flu shot two days ago. Yesterday I was aching all over and coughing and spluttering. Fine today. I suppose it is worth it to avoid or minimise 'flu.

Locust plague in northern Victoria. You haven't seen a locust plague like the one in the mid seventies. I had to cut up sheets of flywire to put over the radiator and once one sheet was clogged and the water temperature started to rise, I put a fresh sheet in. A plastic scraper and water kind of cleared the windscreen.


  1. We took pics of this kind of little fat moth- like creature that ventured into our annex at Halls Gap a few weeks back. No one knew what it was. Now we know it was a "baby" locust. Today hubby spoke to a bloke at the shops who pulled in and parked his locust covered front bumper. He had come from NSW...but he said they were this side of the border too.

  2. Torchwood is most excellent, I hope they commission a season 4.

    Ha ha definitely fear for the kid.

  3. Warm weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, locusts - end of days.
    Or so Melb Storm fans might think :P

  4. Correct me if I am wrong Cazzie, but didn't we just call them grasshoppers when we were kids?

    Bit patchy I found Fen. I did not give it due attention but I certainly enjoyed the last episode I saw. The kids of such parents often do get much of a chance in life, sad.

    Wouldn't the only supporters be originally from interstate Jayne?

  5. Anonymous1:40 am

    Well, at first I thought it was a grasshopper, until I got closer to it. I put a pic of it up on FB, maybe you can check it out. Mia has been catching grasshoppers and crickets and putting them in containers for our chooks that we plan on buying soon. Thing is, as she pointed out to me "Mum, my chook food keeps on fainting"..aka, dying lol.

  6. Okies, I took a look. Btw, great photo of a kookaburra.