Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Topical

While Rome burnt, more precisely Victoria, our Nero, Chrissy Nixon went off for dinner. Well, a gal has gotta eat and to be kind, it does not look like she misses too many meals. She came back didn't she? She was up at 5.00 AM the next day and off doing what she had to do on the day after that most terrible day in our history. Who could have possibly imagined the death and destruction. Clearly not Christine. I broke from the radio for a couple of hours on that Saturday for a meal out. By 11pm I was tuned backed in and half slept as the radio droned on and on about the death and destruction. The one thing that did strike a chord with me was that while Crissy was dining out, her officers were in a state of bewilderment, trying to deal with something they had no training for and would never imagine they would come across. I reckon your Chrissy would agree with me that she probably should have stayed at the command post. While the same fire authorities stay in their command positions, or did they?, I reckon our Chrissy should have too. She has comforted many since.

Mal, Mal, Mal. What you done? You have resigned from parliament. No chance of PM Turnbull now. You are going into private enterprise. That sounds exciting, not. Mal, Mal, what about the state seat of Vaucluse up for the wanting? Nudge Mal, Australian wide we know who you are. Who knows who Bazza Farrell is, if that is his name. Go on Mal, bite the bitumen. No chance of being PM now, but you could be Premier of our biggest state.

Among the oil spills, ex police commissioners who are good on the fang, jaded old queen politicians, motor bike crash deaths, an excess of chocolate and all the other crap in our media, at times you do come across a real tragedy. After twenty five years together, Dawn French and Lenny Henry are separating.


  1. Three interesting topics today, Andrew.

    Not certain what to think about Nixon. I like her. I like her approach to policing, both up here and down in Melbourne. I like the work she has done with the reconstruction authority. Somehow, I think this is a media beat-up and some hypocritical pollies and others are out to big-note themselves.

    I am in the electorate of Wentworth and I am very saddened. I don't vote Liberal but I do vote for this liberal. Yes, I would like to see him in the state government. I have this nasty feeling in my bones that Fatty O'Barrel will never win an election.

    Dawn and Lenny is sad. I suspect it has been a fairly "open" 25 years, but they made a striking couple.

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Not Dawn and Lenny???!

  3. Heard about this topic on the radio coming back from Halls Gap. Christine, I dunno, as you say, a girl has got to eat.. I am not sure, but she may well have done a 20 hour shift prior to having that break. We all know a break equals refreshed mind to get back on the job.
    Turnbull, hmmm, I hope whatever he does makes him happy.
    Dawn and Lenny, great bit of news.. however sad it is.

  4. I'm with Jayne. Say it isn't so!

    I get sick of Christine Nixon bashing in the media. Should she has been there in hindsight? Probably, but that was a day of under-estimation. She did a great job after dinner.

  5. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Hey - there was a total comms/chain of command meltdown on that day - do you REALLY imagine the police commissioner would have pissed of if she KNEW what was happening? - else shes a total idiot, which she isn't.

    So, methinks its lets find someone to sacrifice to the mob, and save our own arses.... oh, look, its Christine.... ( she will do, only a woman.)

    The rest - yawn.......


  6. Julie, Nixon was a good balance to the excess of the previous commissioner. I recall that she was rejected for a high post in NSW. Of course it is a media beat up. Many were caught on the hop that bad day.

    The best you could say about the present NSW gov, is that it is tired. But no one is excited about the opposition being elected. Wentworth is one of the most extreme electorates in Australia. I might expand on that in the future. Snigger at Fatty O'Barrel. Lenny was putting it about in the nineties. Not so sure about her.

    Jayne, too sad. They represented something. Too hard to explain here.

    Cazzie, she was supposed to be home and off duty. Bet she wishes she was.

    Tex, I think your comment is quite offensive. I posted a flattering picture of Lenny. He is not that great.

    LiD, sad but true. Funny that Brumby warned us on the Friday night that it was going to be a very bad day. I think it surpassed even his predictions. It was one out of the box and hopefully never repeated.

    Succinctly put Michael and I think you are right. Understand the rest is not of interest to you. How was the 12 volt van easter camping btw?

  7. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Andrew - not quite right, I admire the comedic talents of the two actors, but their private life is no business of mine. Got enuff drama in my own life.
    Mr Turnbull - he will go back to being a Merchant Banker (remember the GFC?- wasn't THAT long ago) so any comment would be...a total waste of time....
    The Van Trip to the Country - thats a small novel in its own right, some Kafka-esque moments mixed with Monty Python. And I was made to feel like a Dickensian villain by my smart-arse 14yo granddaughter. Van is a hopeless design in terms of functionality, but SWMBO wont let me take an angle grinder (got 4 now) and a welder to make it more "user friendly" (Thinks - more than my usual subtlety needed here)


  8. dev'od about Dawn and Lenny. Don't really have an opinion on the rest. For once!

  9. Of Course Mal's after the Premiership...after Barry O' Farrell has put in the hard yards...cannot hack Turnbull or his friends

    Dawn's a big girlie, but with a smile like that ...

  10. I live in one of the most extreme electorates in Australia?

    Do tell, Andrew; I'm looking forward to your analysis.

  11. Re van, haha Michael. Remodelling. You are right about Turnbull. No guarantees what he will do.

    Sad Fen, sad.

    One thing for sure MC, it is hard to imagine Dawn slim. She just wouldn't be the same.

    Victor, wad I say, wad I say. Read back, ah ok. Written the subject line to remind me.

  12. Anonymous11:59 pm

    BTW - the picture of Dawn French - fuck, shes got nice tits!!!

  13. Not something I really appreciate Michael. They look inconvenient to me.

  14. Anonymous2:15 am

    Andrew - its a Bogan aesthetic sorta thing - ....


  15. Dawn French = Funbags till Tuesday

    For I am Tex and you are are boring old poof.


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