Thursday, April 01, 2010

Terrace Houses

Below is the last remaining terrace house in Albert Road, Melbourne. It is a bit shabby but would scrub up nicely.

This one is in Kingsway, South Melbourne. Surely that metal roof can't be original. It just ruins the building. Any ideas what the roof should look like?

For lots more pictures of terrace houses from all over Australia, see the blog Australian Terrace Houses.


  1. It's great and a shame it's the only one remaining.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  2. If it's the last remaining terrace house, then that makes it a detached house and not a terrace at all, doesn't it?

  3. Hughesicus micropithecus, a classic example of one of my favorite endangered subspecies, the lesser spatted pedantic boudicca brittanicus.

  4. Check out Drummond Street in Carlton for some fab intact terrace houses.

  5. The second roof is very unsympathetic. It has a touch of the Amityville Horror house roofline - Dutch Colonialish maybe - anyway looks terrible on those terraces. I imagine the original roof(s) would have had something lovely on the parapet.

  6. J Bar, it is sad. Mostly modern commercial buildings now.

    Good point Brian. I used to think that too, but it seems we call a single house of a certain style with no side windows a terrace. We also use the term a row of terraces, which indicates there can be one.

    LS, I like pedants. They keep me on my toes.

    I know Jayne. Some wonderful ones, especially near the Exhibition Buildings.

    I think you are right on both counts LiD. Dutch Colonial replacing a nice parapet. Hideous.

  7. Canning St in Carlton has some cool Terrace houses too. And as I just discovered recently, if you look using google maps it now has a 3D function. Shame I have no 3D glasses!!

  8. Many in Carlton Fen. I did not know about the 3D. I can see it now. I wonder if R's Avatar 3D glasses will work. I see they have added a compass to googlie maps too. Useful.