Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Style, or not

The saying goes that youth is wasted on the young. Oh dear, a blogmate inspired this post and I have forgotten who, or is that whom. God forbid that I had my present head on youthful shoulders. I am thinking megalomaniac. There are very good reasons why youth is wasted on the young. They would just kill themselves if they were wise enough to know what was to come.

Youth are to be physically admired and sometimes to be admired intellectually. Among the dross of the average, there are some very clever and articulate young people out there, with the total environmental betterment of the human race in mind. Chainsaw Teen Niece is one such person. She doesn't see the bigger picture. She just wants to help the earth and its critters survive, in her own way. I just loves 'em for their passion.

I am totally off where I meant to go with this post. Ok, youth are to be physically admired. When I am sitting somewhere people watching, my score is about one in ten, that is one in ten of youngish people I think that I really like the look of and would like to get to know better. Mostly they are male, but there is the odd female.

I am off topic again. I am avoiding something. Why? Could it be that I may offend?

Another saying is that, While the youth have a duty to expose their bodies, older people have a duty to cover theirs up. Women are perhaps the worst offenders but men aren't far behind.

Our ageing faces and hands we must and should expose but we can cover some of the ageing skin, flabby arms, wrinkled and sun damaged cleavage, stick insect/bulging with cellulite legs, calloused feet with yellow fossilised toe nails .

Have I spoilt what you planned to wear tomorrow? Don't worry, I have three pair of Speedos of different colours and I'm thinking perhaps it is time to switch to shorts for swimming.

And if you think, screw that arrogant queen. I'll wear what I want, then good on you. I admire your confidence.


  1. Speedos may continue to work if you use the fashion photographer's trick TWO pairs. I got that from david beckham's armani underpants shoot story. double layer enhances apparently.

  2. I hear there's a nice line in wrap around skirts to adorn said board shorts....

  3. Screw you, you arrogant queen, I'll wear whatever the fuck I look like a trashbag in.

    Of course, I day that only the utmost love and respect petal, don't think for a minute I'd ever aim my vitriol at you.

    I used to obsess about what other people thought about what I was wearing, then I discovered that the true path to looking good, and carrying a confident swagger that allows you get away with any outfit, is to stop giving a fuck what others think and to own you look.

    Give it a try next time you hit the Woolies checkout in your spandex unitard and thigh high platform boots!

  4. Sadly Ann, I don't have Beck's six pack.

    Sarongs Jayne. I have one bought in Kuranda.

  5. Looking trashy can be hard work Mutant. There may have been a time when I could wear a unitard, but it has passed.

  6. Can't agree with one of your sayings, Andrew - "While the youth have a duty to expose their bodies, older people have a duty to cover theirs up.'

    All of this applies every-which-way. I don't know the percentages, but there is a helluva lot of obese young people out there.

    I am 62 and about the same size I have been all my life. I was never an exhibitionist, but did not mind those who were.

  7. I know Julie. When I was kid, nearly all those my age were skinny, as was I. Staying the same size at your age must mean a healthy lifestyle and sensible eating..... or you just smoke heaps, don't eat and stay thin.

  8. Bloody good on her! Look at her, she even has earrings on too. My nanna used to dress up anytime she left the house, she always did it. I loved going to the Ballet with her, and to see that others did not put effort into their attire when they had clearly paid for a nice night out was beyond her comprehension.

  9. I am sure your Nanna never dressed like that for a night out at the ballet Cazzie.

  10. Saw a beauty this morning...an old man with a huge stomach and i mean huge...out the front mowing with no shirt on... and he looked so pleased with himself...

    the woman with the skin must know what she looks like but hey maybe she is as proud as the fat old man almost naked mowing his grass.

  11. Just occurred to me MC, but she looks a bit like Sonia McMahon.

  12. Anonymous1:43 am

    LOL, no Andrew, she wore her expensive sapphire and diamond jewels...and her (now mine) real fox fur shawl. Haha


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