Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sitting on a Hydrant

The group Walking Melbourne has been having a discussion about old fire hydrants with some members posting photos of various hydrants. This model in the picture is not so old, but it was around when I was a kid (slap to anyone saying how very old the hydrant looks). Hydrants are all slowly going underground now. No more geysers in the sky when they are mown down by a wildly careering motorcar.

As a youngun, I thought these hydrant covers were seats. Maybe I thought the council provided them. They looked to be very tall, too tall for me and quite uncomfortable.

I did reach an age where I could use them as a seat, and as I thought, they were not comfortable. I am not quite sure when I realised they were not a seat for tired passer-bys.

The one I took this snap of looks a bit wonky and perhaps it is unlocked, but its right under a police station security camera, so probably quite safe.


  1. heh, that's cute thinking they were seats.

  2. I can remember the model before these ones, the round ones with more character and flair.
    Yes, these look like seats for garden gnomes.

  3. I am sure they were much taller forty years ago Fen.

    Much nicer Jayne.

  4. I am too young to remember these things (tee hee)