Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Pigs

I meant to add in the Williamstown post about pigs. The pigs who litter. Daniel recently mentioned somewhere where people had just left rubbish everywhere. I see this happen on the lawns outside the State Library often. The grass outside St Pauls suffers badly, and the small area of grass at the City Square. These are all locations where there are plenty of bins.

But credit where it is due. The good burghers of Williamstown do not litter their beach side park, and nor do their visitors either. Not a wrapper, not a butt, nothing. While I have seen older people litter, it seems to be mostly young people who do the damage. Might I also suggest it is socio-economic too?


  1. Maybe it is. Yet, maybe it is just people with no self respect..and then no respect for where we all live. Pigs , you got that right. Even inside a building, say, a hospital waiting area, people do not use the bins that are right within reach...lazy!

  2. Socio economic is just code for the scummy people who aren't inner city types like us.

  3. It's a mind set, "others are doing it why should I make the effort?" type thinking. Socio-economic stats work insofar that the more a person takes pride in their surrounds the more effort is made ensuring pressure on those around them to comply with likewise behaviour.
    Yeah, they're lazy toerags mostly ;)

  4. Your hospital bin example troubles me Cazzie. It is just so easy to put rubbish in bins there, yet people don't.

    ICT, I could not possibly agree, well not publicly anyway.

    Correct Jayne. If one person drops rubbish, then the next one may. If a dozen do, everyone will. As inconvenient as it can be at times, I agree with the removal of bins in certain parks etc. Responsibility for your own rubbish.