Monday, April 19, 2010

Over the Bridge, Not So Far Away

Car wash day, so off over the big bad bridge to the west, and then to lunch at Williamstown where it was the Sunday Market at the beach side park.

The market was not a shadow of its former self, with many less stalls. I suppose there are so many markets now, it is stiff competition, but what a lovely site for a market. We bought some food at a stall and sat on the grass under the shade of a large tree and watched the world go by while being entertained by a rather good singer with a guitar. As I said to R, and he agreed, all we need is a couple of banana lounges and we could doze the afternoon away.

We looked in a few shops and then settled for a beer outside the hotel. Just lovely. We went back to the car which had oddly disappeared, and we realised we walked up the wrong street. We walked to where we thought it should be and R stopped and said, it was opposite a park. Oh look, there is a park. Oh look, there is the car, right in front of us.

As we crossed the road opposite this building with a restaurant in it, I said to R, I bet that was an ANZ Bank. Sure enough, a plaque told us it was an E.S. & A. bank, which became ANZ. How did I know? Because I have seen one exactly the same somewhere, but for the life of me, I cannot remember where. Any help?


  1. Hi Andrew!, the ANZ bank at Clarendon St, South Melbourne, is very similar, but has mission brown bricks.

  2. I've seen another in the 'burbs, similar style, can't think where exactly.

  3. Bingo Mark. That is the one I suspect was in my mind. Thanks.

    You are right Jayne, and I have just remember Camberwell Junction is very similar, again an E.S. & A.

  4. I love Willi, it is where I was born, and where I grew up alot of weekends spent at my Uncles and on the beach there.
    I was interested to know what E.S.& A. stood for so I googled it. I got the following link... thanks for the edumacation :)

  5. That is an interesting link Cazzie. Many ES&A banks became ANZ banks when they merged or taken over. This one was sold before the merger.