Friday, April 02, 2010

Matters of the politic

I hasn't all washed up yet, but the Labor South Australian government has been re-elected with a much reduced margin. A new tram line extension has been opened in Adelaide and there are plans for more, along with electrification of Adelaide's suburban trains. We are to believe that this will happen under a returned South Australian Labor Government. While only anecdotally, it seems the Liberal Party opposition was against both. I am very much for public transport improvement, so I am happy with the result.

The jury is still out on the Tasmanian election. Ten Labor, ten Liberal and it looks like five Greens. What a great result. Tasmania had turned around from being one of our most backward states to one of our most socially progressive. Tassie does have a unique electoral system, one that gives good representation of how people vote, but by golly it is complicated. If you can understand it, you are a better man than I Gunga Din.

There are many adjectives I could use for the Tasmanian Labor government, but I am not up for being sued. I shan't repeat what others say about it being so corrupt. In case you did not hear, the Labor party generated an auto phone message to dial people's home phones and state that the Greens wanted to legalise heroin for your teenagers.

The Greens and Labor absolutely hate each other and can you believe, they are much more distant from each other than the Liberal and Labor parties? What I initially thought was such a good result for the Greens, and it is really, but the tweedle dee and tweedle dum Labor and Liberal parties will gang up on the Greens, leaving them impotent.

Never mind, I still like Tassie. While Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, has grown to 4 million (too big Missy) , there are only half a million in the whole State of Tassie. I must apply for my visa soon.


  1. lol, a tasmanian visa? What do you have to do for that?

  2. The mind boggles Fen. Buy a plaid shirt and Blunnies?

  3. If you think Tassie Labor is corrupt come to the State of NSW ie Newcastle, Sydney and woolongong - and bugger the bloody rest NSW Labor is so corrupt they are "jokingly" called the NSW Mafia

  4. MC, it amused me how Carr seemingly stayed above it all and ignored what was happening in the ranks. I can't wait for the dirt file on Wran to get out there.