Thursday, April 01, 2010

Madden at it again?

This is one that slipped past me. It wasn't until I saw the earthworks and made enquiries that I knew anything about. The photo is of a machine levelling an area into the hill on the St Kilda Road side of the hill upon which the Shrine of Remembrance sits. The levelled area has had asphalt applied and some lines marked on it and it will be ready for this year's Anzac Day as a parking area for diggers who are too frail to walk up the hill to the Shrine. Dignitaries cars will also allowed to use the parking facility on Anzac Day and at other times when they are visiting in an official capacity. Access will be along a slightly widened gravel driveway leading up from Domain Road.

While it can barely be seen from St Kilda Road, and I really feel for the diggers who struggle to walk up the hill, it looks awful when you are at the Shrine looking down on it. The Shrine is surrounded by beautiful green parkland but now with this horrible levelled car parking area. I did enquire at City of Melbourne, but they have no jurisdiction over the Shrine and its parklands. The Shrine can really do what it likes. One of the Shrine's committee of management even suggested that one tour bus at a time could be allowed to park there when ceremonies weren't in progress. I am not sure if that was put up as an official motion or not. I will get back to the Shrine soon and get some snaps of the finished product. It really troubles me that while I have bothering about Lonsdale House and The Windsor, that an asphalted car park for tour buses has been cut into the hill at the Shrine.

Other news from the Shrine, and you can just see one in the photo of the earthworks for the Shrine capark, the poplars are to be removed and replaced by lemon scented gums. I am not sure what a lemon scented gum looks like as a specimen tree, but I doubt it could compare to a Lombardy Poplar. Such is a result of lack of water for the trees, read a lack of planning for droughts.

More details of both projects at the Shrine website.


  1. Revolting.
    How abouts all that parking in the streets leading up to the shrine be dedicated to Shrine use only?
    Can't see it being ready in time for this year's ANZAC Day.
    Will be pushing Dad in his (new) wheelchair in the march this year, will ask who thinks it's a good idea or not.

  2. Tom Hardy spotted Justin ages ago in his classic work, "Far from the Maddening Crude."

  3. I didn't think you would get caught Jayne.

    Crude is a good work LS. Sports people in government, bah.