Saturday, April 24, 2010

Little Jo Staying Over

Once a fortnight Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo stay over. This last time was when my day off work followed. I arose before seven, hoping for a peaceful half hour in front of the computer. R was already at work. Sister got up a few minutes later. Within five minutes, she took off for a forty minute walk. No sooner had she returned, than she went downstairs for a half hour swim. While she is ten years younger than me and not a slim lass, she is fitter than I have ever been.

In the meantime, Bone Doctor and Little Jo arose. Little Jo refused the cereal I had caringly prepared for her, only wanting Vegemite on toast for breakfast. Neither myself or Bone Doctor felt up to insisting on cereal. Sister returned and Bone Doctor took off on her bicycle to Tooronga or wherever it is she goes to learn something.

More Vegemite on toast and with Mother's admonishments about arriving too early in her mind, Sister delayed her departure to Mother's. We took Little Jo out to the new playground at Fawkner Park. The one R and I used to take her to has been demolished. The new one is much further away but it is rather good. We had great fun, clambering around and playing. I managed to pull a chest muscle though. It is coming good now, but reversing the car is a bitch.

Little Jo and I set off on our own before Sister caught us up with a pusher she had found on a nature strip. The pusher was on a nature strip for a good reason. It was nearly uncontrollable. Each time we crossed a side street in Toorak Road, Little Jo reached for my hand to cross the road. Otherwise, she just plodded along, chattering away, half to me and half to herself. We would have walked about a kilometre. R is very much Little Jo's favourite gay uncle, for good reasons, but I was happy that she was content and trusted me.

We returned via our local cafe across the road for coffee and a shared muffin.

Little Jo pretty well explored every piece of the extensive play equipment.

We were playing trains with the dining chairs. She used to grin for the camera. Now she poses.


  1. Andrew, wow, I used to play trains / buses like that, as a child. I had completely forgotten. Thanks for the memories.

  2. I hope the chest ache passes quickly and hope it is not a rib.
    Wait till L-J drags her bedding onto the dining table to make a cubby. That's a great phase. then there's playing shops and selling things to schoolfriends. kids see adults buying all the time and love to copy the money exchange thing.
    Of course when she's 14 she will understand Chapel St and say "Uncle R can you get me an auxiliary card to your Visa account?"
    Good luck.

  3. What a fab time you had :)
    I'm sure Little Jo enjoyed herself, too ;)

  4. Your Sis sounds like me, not so thin yet fitter than others..wish I had a pool to chuck some laps in though :)
    That park looks great Andrew, I reckon my kids would love it there. Although, Mia has resorted to climbing trees of late. She is on the look- out for cacoons (spell check there).
    You made me laugh with the pram being a dodgy find. I once walked with Tom as a toddler and we found a pram... abandoned due to a wheel falling off every time we turned a corner, haha.
    Yayy for Little Jo playing trains. Now, if she could just get a few bed sheets to make a cubby house out of your dining table...runs off and sniggers :)

  5. I'm sure a lot of not-so-thin people are more fit than people imagine.

    I thought Vegemite on toast was very healthy. ??? Do you think cereal is healthier?

  6. As did we LiD. Took so little to amuse us.

    Ann, it is ok now. It is how I imagined a cracked rib to feel. We had a go with cubbies once, but maybe she was too young. She has been doing the shop selling thing for ages. She also holds a calculator and takes food and drink orders.

    It was good Jayne, but tiring.

    Cazzie, cocoons are fascinating to kids. I loved finding them. The cubby will happen, I am sure.

    I think you are right about fitness Dina. There is a lot of salt in Vegemite, but then a lot of sugar and probably salt in cereal. I think cereal might be a better choice.