Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just another Sunday, an easter one

After our visits for coffee, where service was less than satisfactory, we decided to again try Cafe Vue across the road for breakfast. It was Easter Sunday and quietish for a change. The food and service were good and while we paid a little more for breakfast out than we usually do, it was not expensive. The Cafe Vue promotional card is amusing.

We were thinking art galleries to amuse us in the afternoon. We still have a blank wall for that very special piece. Eltham? Car or train? R decided a drive along the beach front would be better. I suggested Hampton Street might be a place to look for art.

While I have strong family connections to Brighton, it and Sandringham, Beaumauris, Black Rock and Hampton are such nothing areas to me, their only merit being bayside.

We turned off into Hampton Street and behold, miles and miles of shops, being easter Sunday, most of which were shut. We walked up and back down and boy are there some shops there. They stretch from the beach to South Road. We peered into windows and we did get some inspiration that may or may not be followed up. There were the usual easter Sunday hopefuls, arriving, parking and looking into Woolworths, wondering why it was shut. I saw things to go back there for when it was a more normal shopping day. Here are a few photos.

We are here, somewhere on this old map, in a shop window. No recognisable family names.

You don't see many of these lights anymore. They always gave out a warm glow, unlike harsh fluorescents.

The shop door may have looked ok if it did not have another door showing underneath. It was one of those places that smell of incense and sell third world goods for grossly inflated prices.

I suppose we had walked up a bit of an upgrade. A hill is stretching it. The boy who drew the seagull, to the back of the class.

I'd reckon religion would be strong in Hampton. I never get how religion and otherwise clever and educated people go together. This is your low church worship building.

This is a nice building frontage. Maybe it was a theatre.

I tried to take a photo of an interesting interior wall of an eatery and failed and ended up with a very messy picture, but the picture kind of works.


  1. I can't get that either. How religion and otherwise educated, and nearly sane, people can get together.

    I can see why pollies get religion. I can see why the urban fringe get religion. But why the educated middle-brow? What are they searching for? What are the missing? How can they convince themselves that there is any modicum of truth in it? And if not that, why are they susceptible to this faith/belief thing?

    Always puzzled me ...

  2. In the past religion was somewhat cultural, but with the scientific knowledge around now, believing against what I see as logic and proven science...well, just odd.

  3. Loved the walk, thanks for taking us with you :)
    Religion = sheep.
    Ask Benny Ratface about the sheep he's sacrificed grrr.

  4. I have this refrain that I use as often as possible: Sheep are the dumbest animals created by God.

  5. Sheep endure the most terrible treatment for the supply of BBQ chops. I wish a pox on all involved.

    Plenty of money down that way Andrew, especially in the account of the ethnic handicrafts chain, exploiting the third world.

  6. "I never get how religion and otherwise clever and educated people go together."

    They don't. It's an optical illusion based on what we perceive to be intelligent rather than what actually is.

  7. Jayne, I started to write something about Ratzinger, but then thought I have said enough about religion.

    I like it Julie.

    Hands over my ears Brownie. I love a lamb chop. I don't know too much about those shops but but I suspect someone makes money from them.

    Brian, the English I met or know, have scant regard for the queen and religion too. England will prosper.