Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Intolerant Highriser

(If I was a prudent type, I would not publish this. I am in a mood, so publish and be damned)

I am seeing more and more of them. They are like a spreading virus. I am talking about women who cover their faces with veils. This is nothing to do with being Muslim. I see and at times interact with Muslim women. I have no hunger to see their hair or ears. I can see their face. I see another person. I can communicate with them. I interact with them as would anyone else. Why would I not?

But there are those who cover their faces so that only their eyes are seen, or sometimes not even their eyes. Their eyes are behind gauze. They are rejecting me personally, they are rejecting me as an Australian, they are rejecting me as a male, they are rejecting interaction with their fellow humans. They do not wish to have facial communication with me. I take it very personally.

One, through her tiny eye slits, stared at me with hostility as if was wrong for me to stare at her with hostility. Don't worry. No matter how many of you cover your faces, I will stare at you because you either freaks or perhaps you are very downtrodden by men. If it is the latter, no need to be downtrodden in Australia. Just knee him in the nads and tell him to go back to where he came from. Then call Channel 7 or 9 and they will pay you for your story about how your husband forced you to wear the face covering veil. That money, along with the single mother pension will set you up.

Good on France for banning overt religious symbols. The very thought of women driving while looking through tiny slits or gauze is dangerous and good on the Paris cops who booked one.

Religion has caused enough trouble in the world and continues to do so. I won't even begin to talk about Rome and their soft treatment of pedo priests.

For every Muslim woman who chooses to cover her face entirely, I reckon there would be a dozen who are forced to. It is wrong. It is spooky. It is not human. Humans need to see faces to read. Even our predecessors, apes, needed to read faces. Before any English smart ass says something about blind people, well, they develop other sensory perceptions.


  1. i have no problem with them wearing the full face veil - only showing their eyes. However they must willingly comply with any ones demand that they show the rest of their face.

    Think about banks. When you go in, the sign on the door says no helmets - so the face can be seen on security footage. The same with the full face veil.

    As a tram driver, I demand that you show your full face so that any other passengers aren't worried about you packing a full suicide bomber vest and hiding behind a veil.

    And that is what it comes down to. You are wearing a veil only showing your eyes.

    Just what are you hiding and why?

  2. It's all the men's fault. You lot are so weak that the mere sight of a woman's hair or face turns you into raving ravishing madmen so wearing the veil is protecting you against your pissweak selves.

    I don't mind if women want to wear a simple head covering after all some Jewish women wear wigs only showing their hair to their husbands but the all over coverings are a danger to health with women not getting enough sunshine to up their Vitamin D.

  3. Msilsby, wouldn't it be easier to do as France is trying, ban the wearing of it in public?

    Jahteh, not so in my case, but your point is not silly. I have heard Muslim men argue that they cannot control themselves. We started wearing clothes to protect us from weather, not to isolate ourselves from it, so naturally we need sunshine.

  4. I do not enjoy seeing women in birkas, because it seems impossible to me that they can be happy wearing a garment that erases them from society, and that has been imposed on them by males. Now if the males wore the same outfit, that would be at least fair, although still hopelessly limiting to communication.

  5. ... mmm ... don't know what to think about this one ...

  6. Funny about that LiD. Men don't wear them. Perhaps women are stronger at containing the lust at the sight of a man's face.

    Unusual Julie. Most have a strong opinion either way.

  7. I have to cover my face lest women are driven crazy with desire, hence the beard.

    (I hereby offer an unqualified mea culpa for pre-beardedly having turned Coppertop's mind, spirit and body to matters other than cake making.)

  8. Yes Andrew, bravo. I wonder if the muslim men who demand their wives cover up so as not to enflame other men, look at me, in the place I was born, and think I am a slut because they can see my hair.

    (well I may be but they don't know that do they? oh OK, I give up)

  9. Perhaps in your case LS, face covering is not such a bad thing. May I also suggest it is best not to mention your conquests by name. I do have a few readers.

    Emstacks, I am sure you do fill muslim men with lust. It is just that most are not wealthy enough to afford you. Words of passion might be, you beautiful but filthy white Australian slut, ohhh, ohhh, more bitch.

  10. Anonymous10:36 pm

    I think this situation calls for understanding and tolerance. Most veil-wearing muslims came to Australia as refugees. They've come from intolerable situations and gone through untold suffering just making the journey here. And what do they find? Mistrust and suspicion in a country that is supposedly open and accepting of different cultures and ways of life.

    And as for the suggestion that 'ordinary' Australians could be fearful of hidden bombs just because a woman wears a burka is ridiculous! The so-called War on Terror has played on people's fears and has 'us' pointing the finger at 'them'. To what end?

    Yes, women being forced to cover themselves completely when in public is against their human rights. But consider this, these women come from societies where this is the norm. It's what they're used to, what they've grown up with and forcing them to enter the public realm uncovered is probably more stressful than wearing the veil. Haven't they suffered enough without being pushed and pulled in a 'we're doing this for your own good' argument? I would support any woman who fought her family against wearing the veil and she should have the full support of Australian law. But banning the veil outright does nothing more than make an already stressful situation more difficult than it need be. It creates tension and hostility against a group of people who have done nothing wrong.

    I also think it's counter-productive to ban veils outright. Once you outlaw something, it immediately becomes intriging - look at drugs, alcohol during prohibition, tobacco, etc. People don't like being told they can't do something. Remember the old adage - You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    Instead of chest thumping and fear mongering, why not try leading by example? Show this tolerance Australians are known for. This country was built on immigration and has, relatively speaking, not suffered the cultural misunderstandings and tension found in other immigrant societies. Get over your fear of difference and remember all immigrant groups go through acculturation and full or part assimiliation in two to three generations. That means that with patience and understanding, this issue will be moot in 10 - 20 years. Vik.

  11. Thanks for your input Vik, but the letter box women I see are the educated elite. They are not refugees. The refugees only wear scarves, very colourful ones at that and they look very nice. There are heaps of them and at the moment they live in housing commission in Carlton and travel to Coburg to buy their foods.

    The ones who only show their eyes, or sometimes not even that, so far as I can tell, are are educated muslim women out to make make a point. For what reason, I do not know.

  12. Anonymous11:41 pm

    How do you know they're the educated elite? And even if they have higher education, they may still have come to Australia as refugees.

    In any case, my second point still stands - the more you push people in one direction, the more they will oppose it. Stop pushing and things eventually even out. I wonder how many women actually wear the full veil in Australia. I doubt it's the majority of muslim women. I really do believe that banning veils will only serve to alienate a disenfranchised part of society and could ultimately lead to more women taking the veil. Vik.

  13. i've never really thought about it enough for it to bother me. I don't like repression of any kind, however these people have to live their lives with the rules they were bought up with, good or bad. It's not my place to tell them to get their gear off!

  14. The areas I see them in are around tertiary education locations. Very few wear the face covering veil, hence they do stand out. You may be right about by banning it making it more popular.

    Fen, not my place or your place to tell them, but if girls are brought up to wear the veil, they have no choice?

  15. my wealthy burqua sighting was in Surfer's Paradise, where all the status boutiques are, and it was a group of about 7 or 8 in the full black drag with letterbox. They were rich, and on holiday.
    Saudi Arabia has 1. all the oil, and 2. a culture beyond OUR comprehension, as they no doubt, are mystified by Pammy Anderson, Vivienne Westwood, Lady GaGa, and Bryanne Edelsten in whatever shocker is about to assail us re Logies night.
    But Vik, darling, Bryanne is Da Bomb, but there are no bombs concealed in her boosies, and you know that bombs really have been carried by muslim women who have killed whole busloads of people.

  16. Anonymous10:57 am

    Yes, some women have concealed bombs in their burkas but does that mean we have to condemn all burka-wearing women? Many atrocities have been carried out by Christians over the centuries too. Should we also be suspicious of them? Vik.

  17. Let me just say, Lord Sedgwick is a full burkha.

  18. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Good debate. The full burka makes me feel instinctively uncomfortable as it is totally outside of my Western cultural influences. Thats enough reason to ban it. They look too weird - it could be a cunning disguise for a Dalek, who would know till it was too late?.....

  19. Christians Vik? You bet I am suspicious of them.

    You're not the first to suggest that Jahteh.

    Anon, as well as France banning, Belgium has passed legislation through its lower house banning them