Monday, April 12, 2010

Hep C

If you don't know what I am on about below, click here to see the news story. It seems it all began in 2008. It is now 2010.

Dr: Ms Jones, I am afraid that you have returned a positive result for Hepatitis C.

Ms J: How can that be Doctor? I am not a junkie. I've never taken drugs in my life, let alone with a syringe.

Dr: Ms Jones, it can be transmitted by any blood to blood contact.

Ms J: But Doctor, I have been coming to you for years. You know me. You know my family. You know my lifestyle. I haven't exchanged blood with anyone.


HD: Health Department, how can we help you?

Dr: I have a patient who has contracted Hep C. While I know people often deny a reason why they may contract such a disease, I am troubled by this case. I have known her a long time and she is just not the type. The only way that I can imagine is that if she has undergone surgery.

HD: Thank you Doctor. We will look into it in due course.

And time passes, a long time passes and then!!!

Never mind that Hep C is a notifiable disease and all cases should be investigated and I would assume on the form the question is asked as to how the disease was contracted. Had the patient undergone any surgery? If so, where and what procedure?

The above is of course something I just made up but what use are all the rules, regulations, procedures, notifications, publicly and privately funded organisations that have allowed this situation to arise? There is just no other word for it. Someone, or more than one, has fucked up big time. Now just watch while everyone rushes into self protection mode.


  1. mmm ... not at all sure that the person in the Age story is a good one to have to move the story along. There is a sense I am getting from her particular story that I am uncomfortable with.

    Are you thinking along the lines of incompetence or kick-backs?

  2. You are right Julie. Laziness on my part. I have changed the linked story to one more about the case itself. Certainly no thoughts of kickbacks, but plenty about incompetence and slow moving bureaucracy.

  3. A woman rang Jon Faine and questioned the lack of investigation or publicity into the "other places this man works at".

  4. I missed that Jayne. Hopefully it was where he worked at, and not where he works at.

  5. The conspiracy theorist in me says that this may be a personal vendetta attack against women seeking abortions from an anti abortionist medico.

    I guess we'll never really know, but it sure made me feel ill when I read about it. I hope they throw the book at him.

  6. Anonymous12:51 am


  7. Any news as yet on which law firm is handling the cases of the women who think they may have been infected by this man?

  8. Fen, that was the only motive I could come up with. Need to be careful what we say.

    I have not heard Julie. I think all will be quiet now until the police investigation is complete.

  9. yes, true. I heard one of the women who'd been to his clinic on Faine this morning, she'd tested negative. Interestingly she said that her senses made her very wary of him & she thought he was a woman hater. She asked to be awake for the procedure and he put her under anyway. Ugh.

  10. Anonymous1:46 am

    Disgusting is what I thought, and so many other words. It is so scary!
    i had a needle stick injust years ago. The person turned out to be Hep c pos. The poor person did not know it until he had to be tested. In a way it helped him discover something that he did not know. I thank the gummy mary I did not contract it.
    Every time I take blood I take precautions...and even back then I was doing the same. Occupational hazzard it is. But I would not work as a nurse had I contracted it. No way!

  11. Heard that too Fen. Disturbing.

    Cazzie, would you say that professionals sometimes get a bit careless with needles? They give so many injections.