Friday, April 02, 2010

April Fool Shrine

There is not a car park cut into the side of the hill at the Shrine, as I said on the 1st of April. Some significant earthworks were underway for the installation of water storage tanks. I must have taken the photo last winter as the poplar tree in the photo is bare. The area has now been returned to normal and new grass is sprouting.

The lemon scented gum replacement of the poplar trees is true though. Just as water restrictions are eased and they can possibly be watered again.


  1. "There is not a car park cut into the side of the hill at the Shrine..."

    Where the hell did I leave my car then?

  2. Lol the sad thing about all of this is that I get quite used to you telling stories of buildings being knocked down etc with no regard for history etc, that I didn't even click the Shrine carpark was an April Fool story!!!

  3. At the wreckers years ago Brian, after you banged it up.

    KN, non locals are excused. The Shrine is a very precious site to us. Even our planning minister Madden wouldn't dare to touch it, or would he?

  4. aw missed this one, good effort there, I'd have been sucked in, i'm gullible!

  5. Fen, I am waiting for a response from 'outraged from Eltham' or a complaint from the Shrine Guards.