Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tram Smash

People do some really silly things in front of trams. I guess quite some credit is due to tram drivers for saving many people from the foolishness of their actions. What car drivers, and pedestrians for that matter never think about is the impact on passengers inside the tram when the driver has to brake hard to avoid an errant motorist or pedestrian.

I think a front facing camera on trams would be a marvellous idea for Melbourne's trams. It is proven technology already as you can see by this Youtube clip. Its pretty hard to believe how stupid the motorists are in this clip. The edge of the tram line is clearly defined with humps and line marking. Although the clip is not in English, it is from the US of A.


  1. I thought there was talk (or actual moves) to place cameras on trams to catch and fine idiot motorists who flouted road rules in front of trams?
    Then they could load them up to Youtube to embarrass the idiots and entertain us whilst getting some moolah from the knobjockey drivers.
    Win:win all around!

  2. Anonymous3:17 pm

    I got to 29seconds and could not watch any more. It makes me mad that people are so damned stupid! I have attended to many a person who came off second best to a tram. Alot of "traffic" comes my way via Moonee Ponds area. Absolutely shocking!

  3. I'm more than happy for our trams to have cameras, if tram drivers can stop dinging their bells like madmen whenever they get caught behind some poor sod trying to make a right hand turn through an intersection!

  4. lol, at least the tram is big and strong... feel sorry for the driverst though, it's not as if they can swerve outta the way (trams not cars)

  5. I remember that Jayne. Cost stopped it I suppose. One or two court wins would pay for the whole lot of trams to be fitted.

    Cazzie, I suppose MP Junction would be quite a high accident area and there are many trams and buses. I kind of disassociate myself from anyone being in the cars.

    A valid point Evol, but then sometimes you see a car overtake a tram and then want to turn right or reverse park into a space they have just seen.

    Fen, it must take its toll on them.