Thursday, March 11, 2010

Still in Collingwood

Nay, not Collingwood, Abbotsford. Why can't I find the comment that explained why? Collingwood Town Hall was in the City of Collingwood until the area became City of Yarra. Collingwood Town Hall and Collingwood Station are in Abbotsford.

I am just reminded of one of Dad's workers who always bought Abbotsford Lager to take away. He said that because few people drank it, it was always the coldest from the hotel fridge.

While I took a very good guess, albeit with a little research, at 17 Stanton Street, Abbotsford I was puzzled big time by this building. I had many thoughts but none were coming to the fore. An RSL club was on my mind.

Jayne found the definitive answer for the Police Boys Club and Frank added some extra information that 17 Stanton Street is now used for boxing. But also the site Jayne directed me to solved the puzzle of this building. I quite like the building. Could it be put to use? It was a Sea Scouts club house.

Here are a couple of extra pics thrown in, and a bit of the Collingwood Town Hall and the side of an ex friend's place who used to own this milk bar which now has a mural on the side. It's at the corner of Gipps and Raphael Streets. Might I have met a guy there who jumped off the gallery at what was then Three Faces, now The Market, and broke his leg. Such is the effect of hallucinogenic drugs. He thought he could fly. Surely it wasn't me who licked peppermint schnapps up from the coffee table yes, and all are in Abbotsford.


  1. I think 'mural's a polite way of putting it, perhaps...

  2. Brian, for me the jury is still out, but certainly better than an ugly wall with tagging all over it.

  3. The Spouse used to frequent Three Faces quite often *snort*. a broad, artistic term and just about coveres this.
    Tagging, on the other hand, is just juvenile scribble.

  4. Perhaps they could tag on a whiteboard or something Jayne.


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