Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not so old celebs

I have been moaning on a bit of late. I try not to moan and whinge in real life. One complainer per highrise apartment is enough. So here is something a bit lighter. It might surprise you that such an intellectually superior being such as moi likes to hear news of celebs, but I do. Isn't Hamilton Lewis due a good spanking for being so naughty. Over my knee boi.

Here are a several photos a friend sent to me. Marvellous.

Note Betty Battenburg's eyelids lowered, indicating she is looking down. What, when you have Marilyn Monroe in front of you, would cause you to lower your eyes to below the face?

Just a cuddle between friends. What's the big deal?

My Sydney friend, Mr Plastic Surgery, called Maddona a skanky whore. Ok, she is a bit skanky but isn't it she who does the paying.

Girls and guys adore Mr George Clooney. I just don't get it.

Hanoi Jane with a hand of Vietnamese Polit Bureau playing cards in a Russian Chaika.

Not only is Ms Bardot an animal rights activist, she also has a thing for camels.

I should know who Jane Seymour is, but it just won't come to the fore of my brain. Freddie Mercury admitted to being the queen in Queen. A hairy Iranian London East Ender made good. What talent. What a waste.

Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery never did anything for me, but maybe they do for you. Mrs Eastwood does wear a nicely cut slack.

Cher, what can one say except to ask if she is dead yet? An American singing about Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves? Odd! Dylan was obviously more sociable than he is nowadays.

Marlene, how I loved thou. A true enigmatic who just went on a wee bit too long.

I like to remember Elvis around this age. Purty as a pitcher.

I suppose there are gay men out there around my age or older who don't think Judy and Liza are wonderful. I am not among them.

Before the term six pack was invented, Bruce Lee had one. Would I slurp up a fruit flavoured vodka from his navel? You betcha.


  1. This was avery fun feature that told a lot about you!

  2. Glad you're not into George Clooney, that means one less bitch I have to cut to get into his pants ;p

  3. That Sean Connery photo - Tony Abbott's role model?

    Mind you I've never seen George Pell fully baby oiled up. All the pics I've seen of him he's fully kitted up in long gilt brocaded skirts and chunky bling, so I could be barking up the wrong Cardinal.

  4. Did you see the pic of TA that Mike Carlton had in his column (.) yesterday?

  5. Excellent taste there :)
    You have Bruce, I'll take the son Brandon ;)

  6. Ahh, I loved all of those pictures Andrew! Jayne Seymour has been in a few features you will remember when I name them..."Live and Let Die (James Bond"), "Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman" (was on the telly here for quite some time, and more recently "Wedding Crashers". She is a lovely woman I reckon.
    Wow, see George Clooney, I love him now, but when he was younger I was aware he was a nerd! LOL
    Ahhh, Freddie Mercury..I love him forever and ever! Ahhh-men.

  7. Maybe Stephen, just maybe.

    Yep Evol, no fight from me.

    Lots of yuks there LS.

    I did not Julie. I have seen more of Abbott than I need to. Ok, I better take a look, just in case.

    He was nice too Jayne, not as lean as his father. Why do we have the hots for two dead guys.

    Cazzie, why? Why do so many like George? Freddie was great hey.

  8. Wow some oldeis...Marilyn was amazing to look at - as if she had been sculptured but not in a gym bunny way - she had the most amazing back - andother favourite is brigit Bardot when she was young - she was so lovely...

    Sean Connery has always been my favourite male - and i have good taste as you can see

    George Clooney's hairdresser should have been shot what a shocker

  9. Sean is not my type either. Guess I am not so much into uber males.

  10. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Ta Muchly Andrew - some amazing photos there. And your domestic activities - you are incredibly well organised, as are the rest of the family. Duty Calls, and all that.

  11. Not all my family are organised Michael. Sister lives in perpetual chaos. But yes, I am. I get stressed if I am not.