Monday, March 29, 2010

Mother's Birthday

R told me that I should have taken control and celebrated Mother's birthday here. Yeah, right, no parking spaces and horrendous noise from the Grand Pricks.

Sister decided she would host a barbecue for Mother's birthday, except Mother lives way out east and Sister lives way out west. There is a ferry though. ABI Brother collected Mother and drove to Tradie Brother's place. Tradie Brother picked up Teen Niece and the four headed to Sorrento and caught the ferry. They just missed one ferry, Mother's fault of course and so they caught the noon ferry.

R and I drove down to the Bellarine Peninsula but Little Jo had just started her nap when we arrived, so we left to check on a house for sale in the area and also drove to Ocean Grove to check out a house owned by a neighbour in our building. I am not so keen on Ocean Grove.

Back to Sister's and I went on my own to Queenscliff to collect all from the ferry. It was a shocking trip for Mother, even though the sea was like glass. She had worked herself up into a state over the previous week about the ferry trip, it all became self fulfilling.

It did not affect her appetite at all as we all hoed into the lunch barbecue. Then down to the beach at Point Lonsdale. Let me see, who went in the water. R, Sister, Bone Doctor, Teen Niece and Little Jo. I just paddled and then with a bucket and spade, I created a dam and drainage system in the sand. It was on the outgoing tide and would have remained for hours, except Little Jo made some brutal alterations with her feet. She also found some others her age to play with. There was a boy and a girl and neither had any bathers on. Little Jo decided she should remove her top but oddly left the bottom of her costume on. Maybe Sister forbade her from removing that. The day was overcast and just nicely warm, so it was very pleasant on the beach.

We rushed back home for birthday cake and coffee and then managed to get them all back on the 5pm ferry. I am afraid to ring Mother this morning and hear about how bad the trip home was.

R and I headed home shortly after via the Portarlington Road. We came across a terrible car crash, with a car wrapped around a tree.

It was a good day, but a little too much driving.

Who is letting the water out?

The Spirit of Tasmania has just come through Port Phillip Heads. It beat us home.

Nothing to do with the outing. This morning, rain, rain, glorious rain.


  1. Sounds like a decent day, I do like paddling & making things on the beach.

    Yes, lovely rain this morning. I grinned like a fool the whole way home, cycling through the torrential downpour, dodging waterfalls from rooves, rivers on paths and lakes! Loved it!

  2. Ah Andrew what I wouldn't do to still have my family closeby...and do these normal things - I loved the story about your digging a drainage ditch - Don was forever doing that when he was younger and they got more and more complicated - then we'd knockem all down...not ver Zen of us...

    Alison is futther away from the grand Prix this year over at Armadale but she could still hear it...

  3. Apparently the rain should reach us tonight.

    With the funeral over, I'm happy for it pour now. Anything to clear all this humidity away.

  4. That sounds like fun too Fen.

    How cruel you were MC to knock down his sand works. Let me see, Mother left Sister's at 4.45 and arrived home just before 8. Not so close. She said it is just too far and won't do it again.

    Victor, I haven't been paying attention to Sydney weather. I am not a heat person. I can never decide if oven like hot is worse than lower temperature humidity. Hope all went well at the funeral.

  5. "We came across a terrible car crash, with a car wrapped around a tree.
    It was a good day..."

    Not for the bloke/blokette in the car I suspect.

  6. I did not hear mention of it in the press Brian, so I suppose in was not fatal.

  7. Sounds lovely apart from Mother getting upset over the ferry ride.

  8. Return journey was not as bad for her Jayne, but it will be the last time she will be in a boat.

  9. re car tree collision not making the news: after an actor aquaintance was arrested there was not one word of it publicised. things can be done, and are done, all the time.

    re Smart Jo: pants keep the sand out of the cracks. I am always appalled by nude children in public.

    re family travel on Big Days: Easter causes more people to rush around the freeways and the producers of newscasts just love their work made easy.
    Stay still this Easter.
    Buona Pasqua
    from Rye aka Lygon-On-Sea.

  10. Brownie, I am sure there is a lot we never hear about, deliberately. We have had this debate about nude toddlers among ourselves. R does not like it but it doesn't worry me. For no real reason, I think the cut off should be about four yo. Much worse places to be than Rye. We had lovely holidays there as kids.