Tuesday, March 30, 2010

La Vida Loca?

IN a revelation sure to shock fans the world over, Latino smoothie Ricky Martin - who dodged questions about his sexuality for years - has admitted he is gay.

Really? People are shocked that Ricky Martin is gay? I reckon his boyfriend knew.


  1. Yep, she bangs :P

  2. Maybe, one day, sexuality will not be a newsworthy item.

    Not in my lifetime, I suspect.

  3. I refuse to believe it. The paper's will be claiming next that Cliff Richards is gay as well.

  4. If Sir Cliff is gay I'll go he for Jimmy Edwards.

  5. It was either that...or the Hey Dad sex scandal and that's like so last week.

    Even Woman's Day and New Idea are getting a piece of that pie so show-biz news is pretty much thin on the ground at the moment.

  6. 'Rolls eyes at Jayne'.

    Making progress Victor. I was reading about a gay comedian and the piece did not refer to him being gay, but did mention that his boyfriend was a comedian too and now a radio broadcaster. Little by little.

    Cliffie gay? Tut tut.

    Jimmy was gay too wasn't he LS?

    DA, mag space must be filled. We quickly read and forget now, so much more has to be produced.