Monday, March 08, 2010

Falling Hail

I was at work and caught in the thick of the hail storm. While I wasn't frightened, I was wondering how much of a pounding windows could take before they started to smash. Where I was the hail was the size of marbles. Clearly it takes larger hail stones to smash glass, and there were larger hail stones further out of the city to the east. My day at work turned out to be very interesting indeed, but I finished work on time, which is what is important to me, as my employer works me to the minute to maximise what blood they can get from me, so I repay their generosity.

R was at home and taking a nap. He was awoken by the hail smashing into our windows. He thought I had came home unexpectedly which is odd, because I am not a crash about sort of person. But then he says he was in a very sound sleep and awoke with such a start.

He took a few snaps. Personally, I have seen worse flooding but not hail as bad. Sister and Bone Doctor and Little Jo were in Melbourne for what was supposed to be a flying visit while BD sat an exam in Alphington. Sister and Little Jo picnicked in a nearby park and saw the weather coming. They were amused by batting the hail stones away from the windscreen with the wipers. They all came here and so R entertained them and they then went out for a meal before they attempted to tackle the West Gate Bridge to get home.

Here a couple of snaps R took.


  1. Good to know you are all safe.
    The photos cannot convey all the drama of the moment. I am glued to these days.

  2. I am somewhat obsessive about weather bureau rain radar Brownie too. But I was writing a note to Tradie Brother and then realised I would be late for work if I did not rush. I failed to check the radar before work, very unusual for me.

  3. Now there's a turnaround. It's actually sunny here for once.

  4. Hail, hail Prince Harry.
    Sorry, easily amused :P

  5. By the time I respond Brian, I bet it isn't.

    Makes no sense Jayne. That is because I deleted the spam comment.

  6. Just up the road from you, closer to the CBD, over 100 windows were smached in geritage buildings, my better half spent the rest of the long weekend repairing them - most of the damamge seemed to be on the south side of all the buildings. Didn't seem to matter if in the ground floor or the 4th floor, they got smashed. The hail just punched through the glass!
    I'm glad you are safe, I feel for the trees that got shredded.
    If you go up the dtreet opposite Albert Road in South Melbourne, towards Punt Road, you will see in the park, the roll-out turf has been washed down the hill in ripples. Couldn;t beleive it when I saw it!

  7. I was in the pictures at Chadstone watching Alice in Wonderland with Ali and Andrew - he had parked his brand new car on the top floor of the parking area...his car was dinged up a lot and Ali's little set of wheels copped a few dents as well. The new unit copped water damage through leaking windows - but thats all and no one injured from what I hear - so it was pretty exciting at the time as you'd know.

    I was to fly home just when it would have been happening but was asked to stay an extra day so we could all go to the pictures together...lucky huh

  8. IAS, wow. I had not realised the hail was bad enough to break windows around here. So much for the durability of fake grass. Real grass would just regrow. The trees should be ok I think, a bit of tip pruning. The most interesting leaf shredding I noticed was on cypress trees.

    This is bad about the cars. Mine was in Malvern and was unmarked. Maybe because it was up against a south wall and was a bit protected. Leaks in new buildings everywhere. Bad. Makes your cyclones seem pretty tame and now you haven't something big to tell people back home about.


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