Saturday, March 27, 2010

Droppin' like flies

It has been a week of deaths. One workmate died suddenly, an Egyptian, around my age. He was a shifty Egyptian b*m f**cker. I used to call him that. He called me a lazy white pooftah and often requested some oral satisfaction. I never obliged. I knew he was ill, but I was almost shocked to tears when I saw a note at work that he died. I knew him for nearly thirty years. Cheers Mamoud.

Leah, also a workmate, was from Indonesia. How she made us laugh. She was short and not slim, nice looking and always made her face up perfectly. She took no prisoners and yet her days ended in such an inglorious way. I am not sure if her god is christian or moslem, but I'll bet Leah is making her laugh.

And then a blogmate's mother died, just to ever so nicely ice the cake. What is the best way for a mother to leave her children? I don't think it is too bad for her to slowly fade away.


  1. WOW R.I.P to all those who have passed, that's sad :(
    I don't think there is any good way for a mother to leave her children, which ever way you look at it there are "issues".

  2. Anonymous12:33 am

    Yeppers, people droppin' like flies all around us every day... and let us hope they are all remembered for the very quirks that made them individual..even if they were smart arses..or real nice people :)

  3. I agree with Fen about the mother sad.

    Although I guess age would make a difference. I think there's a huge difference between a child losing a mother, and an adult.

  4. Forgot to say:

    Sorry about your losses.

  5. Well Fen, your mother did die at a young age. The one I mention was quite old. But you are right of course, they are always missed.

    Nicely put Cazzie.

    I think so Dina. Fen's mother was quite young.

  6. Deaths seem to run in sets of people close to you. I have counted fsix men who were close to Don and I two died just before him and the others since but within the two years...they were all good friends and my life is much emptier especially with one friend called Alan who liked blokes and had quite a fancy for Don in those early days - he was one of the few who stuck with Don after his accident and I would often hear them chatting on the phone, swearing away at each other and talking about everything.

    Hope thats the end of your set.

  7. Ah yeah MC. I recall you mentioning him.