Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Bellarine Peninsula Pt 1

R had seen Little Jo consecutive Saturdays while I was at work. I was missing her. I had not seen her for three weeks, so Bellarine Peninsula, here we come. We went down Sunday morning and returned Monday afternoon. Bone Doctor is working down that way and part of the job is cheap accommodation. Not a bad place really and much more room that at Murrumbeena. They have kept the flat at Murra and are renting it out.

After pumpkin soup and sandwiches, Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo took us Point Lonsdale Beach. We walked a kilometre or so along the beach to the lighthouse, stopping at the playground along the way, and then when returning from the lighthouse, we again stopped at the shops for a cold drink. We returned to where we arrived at the beach and Sister and Bone Doctor and Little Jo all stripped off on the beach and slipped into their bathing costumes. We averted our eyes. The weather looked atrocious when we left Melbourne and so did not take swimmers. We waded and looked after Little Jo and made sand castles when she wasn't in the water with Sister and Bone Doctor. They adore swimming and are very fit. Note, we stayed on the beach, swimmers or not.

I thought Point Lonsdale was wonderful. I liked that it had beach and cliffs and good walkways and if you are bored, you can watch the ships coming and going through Point Phillip Bay Heads, between Point Lonsdale and Point Nepean.

We went back to their place for salt and sand removal and then out to Port Arlington to get some fresh farmed mussels for dinner. $10 for 2kg turned into 3.5 kg. Nice.

We travelled back via the coast and stopped off at the St Leonards hotel for a cold ale. We sat outside and peered out to sea and watched the comings and goings on the pier. Poo Mummy, poo and Sister gave orders. Little Jo was rushed to the lav by Bone Doctor.

Unlike R, Sister is not a natural at cooking but she served the mussels well in a thin tomato, wine and garlic sauce. The heavy bread sopped up the sauce and there were sausages if we were still hungry. The upside down pear cake was somewhat more compact that when if first came out of the oven, but it was nice too.

Sister's friends had called on the telephone. Asked if they could drop by. By all means. More the merrier. The did come, with their teenage kids.

We were sitting outside in a covered barbeque area. R's wet and and sandy jeans were hanging on the clothes line to dry. A few spits of rain came and I urged him to bring them under shelter. He did and hung them in the covered area. Tune in tomorrow to find out what happened to R's jeans.

The Point Lonsdale Lighthouse in the distance.

Sister thinks the weather in winter will be ok. I did not mention southerly gales coming in straight off Bass Strait.

Somewhere under out feet is supposed to be William Buckley's cave. Unverified info from Sister.

Local shops, for local people. All are welcome.

Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo enjoying the 21 deg waters.

Collision at The Heads imminent. Did not happen.

This touristy stuff is hard work. Time for a stiffie at St Leonards Hotel.


  1. It could almost be Morecambe Bay...almost...

  2. aw lovely pics, Little Jo seems to be enjoying her bevvy. Cute little curls.

  3. Gorgeous little Jo!!

  4. Lovely pics.

    Btw...Surely not having any barthers is no excuse. I left my bathers in Melb too when I went to East Gippsland last w/e but the water was so good that I ended up jumping into the sea in my shorts.

  5. Sorry..'barthers' should have been 'bathers'

  6. Jayne, it is surprising how fast they move. Water with a dash of lime is what Little Jo was drinking. She has enough energy without anything red.

    Cute curls until one got snagged in my sunglasses Fen.

    I reckon so Cazzie.

    AR, I don't wear shorts and it was a good excuse to stay out of salt water. I likes me chlorine.

  7. Brian, just the words Morecambe Bay makes me snigger.

  8. The best part is standing at the end of the pier at the lighthouse and watching two ships pass each other through what looks like the smallest bit of sea area. It's fantastic.

  9. I should not be surprised by you Jahteh, but I am that you know about ships passing in the channel.

  10. I'll have you know I know lots of nautical stuff including why they have a black and a white lighthouse and why the ships do a spiffy turn as they pass Q on the way up the bay and what the bottom of the seabed looks like and where the Couta boats came from and what Swan island was during the two wars.

  11. I suppose the ships are just following the channel. Seemed odd that the sail out the heads to west and then turn east. I probably knew what Swan Island was during between the wars, but I forget. I formally request you write your own post explaining all of the above.


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